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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let's Go To Sleep by Maisie Reade *(children's audio)

Let's Go to Sleep

Let's Go To Sleep
by Maisie Reade

ISBN:  0316356557
ISBN13: 9780316356558
Hachette Book Group
Pre-School - 3
Ages: 2-5
Hachette Audio

Listen as Mama Bird leads little animal friends on the journey to dream land.

Bedtime can be a tension filled, scary time for children and parents alike. Meltdowns, crying, clinging, the monster under the bed, just to name a few. The search is never ending for how to manage bedtime. Let's Go To Sleep by Maisie Reade has been one of the most effective tools I've personally used with my granddaughter. The soft, calming text was designed to encourage relaxation and deep breathing.

The audio edition of Let's Go To Sleep was the perfect addition to our established bedtime routine. Now we read the book of her choice and press play. The first couple of nights she made it through the entire CD. Curiousity more than anything kept her awake. After that she's sound asleep in less than ten minutes. A few nights, Nana has fallen asleep right there with her. The hardcover edition has color coded words with instructions for each. (example: speak in whisper or use an elongated vowel sound) With the audio, this is done for you.

I love "Let's Go To Sleep." It definitely gets two thumbs up from my granddaughter. We now have the hardcover and auio editions. She wanted the book to put her "animal friends" to sleep. During playtime, she gathers her buddies and I read the book, and off to sleep they go.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a little one overnight. (Even occassionally.)


Happy Listening!

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