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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross

The Blue Zone

 The Blue Zone
by Andrew Gross
ISBN-10: 0062199870
423 Pages
Harper Collins Publisher

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Family secrets, skeletons in the closet, would you really want to know, if the truth would destroy everything? Such questions had never entered Kate Raab’s mind. Until she got the call from her Mom, that would devastate her life. Those words “your father has been arrested, come quickly,” made no sense. There had to be a mistake. Money laundering, connections to the Mercado Family, her father didn’t know anyone from Colombia. Or, did he?
With a steady flow of action, suspense, and strong family emotion, The Blue Zone follows Kate as she discovers her life has been a lie. Refusing to accompany her Mother, sister and brother, into the protective custody of the WITSEC Program, Kate’s communications with her family are limited and vague. After a year, she has married, and is trying to establish some semblance of a normal life. When her best friend is shot exiting the lab where they have worked together for several years. Kate is convinced the bullet was meant for her.

Is she paranoid, is she being watched? If so, by whom and what do they want from her? When agents return asking questions about her father, she learns he is missing. Their case handler has been tortured and killed. The implications were hanging in the air like smog over LA on a windless day. They thought her father was a murderer. Kate was convinced everyone was lying to her. She had to find her family and learn the truth. The strange photo, the necklace her Mother told her held secrets, what does it all mean? The questions would remain between Mother and Daughter for eternity. Silenced by the blast of a gun.Once again, the reader is thrust into a state of uncertainty filled with nervous anticipation as the conclusion nears. The husband, the old man in the park, the agents that surround her, or her Father, can anyone be trusted? The mind swirls with possibilities. Keeping the reader guessing, wanting to know more, reading just one more chapter.
Agents refer to those missing from within the Witness Protection Program, as being in the Blue Zone. Kate describes it this way, somewhere between love and hate, right and wrong, revenge and forgiveness……in this way, we all live within our own “Blue Zone.”
Andrew Gross doesn’t open the door to the concept of “The Blue Zone” – He literally kicks it down! Having collaborated with James Patterson expectations were high for his solo debut. Readers will not be disappointed. Gross weaves his plot lines together and maintains a high octane ride like a seasoned pro. I look forward to reading his novels for years to come. In a crowded genre, with many well known and loved authors, Andrew Gross has cemented his place among the best!

“Su deber es pagado aqui, Amigo. Your duty here is done.”As is mine. Reviewing this title was a real pleasure! I recommend it heartily and without hesitation!

Happy Reading!

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Reviewed March 2007

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