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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Merging with Monsters by Joseph Green

By Joseph Eugene Green
$16.95 U.S.
Published by: iUniverse

When an author breaks new ground with a seemingly old story line, it is often overlooked by main stream readers and reviewers. Which I feel is exactly what has happened with Merging with Monsters. While it would appear, at first glance, the plot has been covered already – this assumption would be in error. Yes, it is true, discrimination has been the subject of many books. But never, like this.

Joseph Green has painted a masterpiece, using a corporate merger and the employees vying for position within the company as his canvas. The characters are very real, three dimensional and flawed. Much like you and me. Each having been effected and changed in some way by that which they have endured. Anita, a woman of impeccable strength and character fights both her inner demons and the glass ceiling of corporate America. Her assistant, Phoebe, paralyzed by a bullet has dealt with hurdles of her own. While Grayson and his wife, Sherry live in a prestigious neighborhood in Colorado, they too struggle with ignorance and discrimination. Through out this novel I found myself stopping, momentarily to reflect upon my own experiences. So often we know nothing of the people we work with everyday. “You never know what is behind the smile of your co-worker,” has never been demonstrated in such a powerful and compelling way. From the highly controversial topics, to the beautifully written metaphors, this is one of the most engaging pieces of literature that I have read in quite some time. Whether you have experienced discrimination in your own life, or simply enjoy a good, suspense filled book – Do not miss Merging with Monsters. 

Joseph Eugene Green has delivered a novel that will leave the reader thinking and inspired to treat others with a deeper understanding.

Happy Reading!   

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