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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sight Unseen by Samantha Graves
Sight Unseen
by Samantha Graves
ISBN-10:  0446618381
Pages 323
Hachette Book Group

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After her award winning series as CJ Barry, Samantha Graves had established herself as an excellent Romance author. With Sight Unseen she has raised the bar and changed the rules of the romance genre. To label this book simply a Romance title, would be a grave injustice, Sight Unseen goes much deeper than that.

The adventure begins as Samantha takes the reader to the bottom of the ocean, to retrieve a medallion that was worn by ‘King Pacal Votan the Great’. Raven Callahan is a modern day treasure hunter of sorts, with a special gift that allows her to authenticate the items, with a simple touch. She and her sister, Jillian receive information from inanimate objects. The stronger the emotion of the person that owned or touched the object, the more intensely it is felt by Raven. Working for API, she recovers priceless pieces for private collectors, as well as, museums that have been lost or stolen.

Dax Maddox is rugged and attractive, with loneliness and haunting anger in his eyes. Once a respected detective in Miami, he now had only one goal – to catch a killer! The night, Nick, his rookie partner was murdered, he had been imprisoned in a world filled only with shades of gray. He left the force to pursue a cop killer, to exact revenge and get justice for Nick. Which lead him to the art auction, at ‘Matador’s Auction House, in Miami. Bringing him face to face with the Vassalo painting and the beautiful woman he knew was a thief. The chemistry between these two characters, Raven and Dax; is palpable. From the moment he forces her into a closet at the auction, to the swirling intensity of their first kiss...the reader is swept up into the story, like a leaf in the wind. The author develops each as an individual while continuing to bring them together. Moving toward a confrontation with a killer and explosive intimacy. Both leave the reader breathless and wanting more.

Samantha Graves has delivered an action packed, suspense thriller, filled with three- dimensional characters that are intelligent and sexy. The various plot elements are effortlessly woven into the fabric of the lead, as well as, the supporting characters.
This title has everything a reader could ask for; suspense – that keeps you guessing, action – that will keep you thinking, passion – that will make you breathless, combined with enough twists and turns to construct a mountain trail and keep you teetering on the edge all the way!.

Don’t let “Sight Unseen” remain unseen by you!

 Happy Reading!


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