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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hooked by Matt Richtel *(Audio)


by Matt Ritchtel

narrated by Jason Singer
Fiction/Thriller(abridged audio)
ISBN-10: 1-59483-968-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59483-968-9
Hachette Audio

Visit author http://www.mattrichtel.comMatt Richtel online


Nat Idle, a freelance journalist who decided after graduating from medical school that he was better suited for a career writing about versus practicing medicine, left the required residency program and never looked back. The novel opens as Nat sits in a San Francisco Cafe, reading a book when a woman places a folded note on the edge of his table, then, without pause quickly exits the cafe. He picks up the note and attempts to follow the mysterious woman outside, only to catch a brief glimpse of her speeding away in a red Saab. He then reads the note….”Get out of the cafe–Now”! It was much more than the words that grabbed Nat, it was the script – it was Annie’s handwriting. Annie, his deceased girlfriend, for whom his heart still ached. How? His swirling thoughts are interrupted, as at that very moment the cafe explodes, knocking him off his feet.

This single terrifying moment changes Nat’s life once again, and launches the story into overdrive. Richtel takes the reader on a fast paced journey, full of relentless action and drama. With the added dimension of Jason Singer narrating, readers can easily visualize the sharply etched, strong characters Richtel created, especially the ruthless, clever and devilishly ingenious Kendle family. The exact circumstances surrounding the loss of Annie aren’t explained until later, which adds to the tension and myriad of questions that urge the reader on. Nat appears to be a hopeless romantic unable to bury the past and move forward. But this too will be understood as yet another ingredient of this carefully woven high tech web of deceit is revealed.

Hooked is the perfect title for this debut novel from Matt Richtel. Undoubtedly after this reading experience, there will be lots of readers hooked on Richtel’s strong delivery. Hooked will leave even the most astute suspense thriller fan in awe of Richtel’s ability to weave the unimaginable into the very fabric of reality. You will never again surf the web or check email without wondering, if only for a brief second…”what if?” …then, the uncomfortable laugh as you shake it off as…paranoid lunacy!
But is it? Or… are we already, hooked?

Happy Listening!

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Also available in paperback

paperback, 292 Pages

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