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Monday, January 7, 2008

Double Cross by James Patterson *(Audio)


Double Cross
James Patterson
ISBN 10: 0316015059
ISBN 13: 978-0316015059
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Book Group USA
Patterson has a unique gift for making you feel all the joys and pains experienced by Cross, who is one of the best protagonists of the suspense thriller genre. Reuniting fans with beloved, as well as, despised characters, while continuing to press the boundaries, Patterson shines brighter than ever in this hard hitting double header!

Self-imposed retirement, a gorgeous new girlfriend and a quiet romantic camping trip, what could possibly go wrong? Well, when Alex Cross is around the answer is an unequivocal–anything and everything! Hot romance is quickly cooled when Bree is ordered to return to DC after the very public murder of famed author Tess Olsen. Dubbed the Audience Killer, for his propensity for attention, this psychopath seems to have no fear of being discovered, growing more brazen and arrogant with each successive murder. He thrives on the media attention his dastardly deeds afford him and relishes in the panic his murderous acts create. In the midst of the carnage and chaos, Cross receives a disturbing call informing him Kyle Craig had escaped from the maximum security prison in Colorado, where he had been housed for the past four years. Prior to his incarceration, Craig had been a respected FBI colleague and a genius in his own right. Craig was patient, resourceful and vicious, a formidable adversary now methodically making his way through the list of those he deemed responsible for his imprisonment. Of course, Alex Cross was at the top of his list.

Two murderers, one seeking fame, the other bent on revenge, yet they shared a common goal…the elimination of Detective Alex Cross. In this particularly well delivered novel, Patterson weaves an intricate, multi-layered plot, that moves seamlessly between opposing forces, while hurdling toward an unavoidable showdown. There are no twig-like stereotypes or bland settings, as Patterson showcases his unparalleled ability to create three dimensional characters that are diabolical, yet very real and disturbingly interesting. With his omniscient voice, taut narrative and vivid detail, the reader is immersed in this carefully crafted, highly imaginative world, from the very first page. One of the most popular literary characters of the century, Alex Cross is a hard hitting, tough as nails detective, with an almost sixth sense ability to get inside a killer’s mind. But it his personal struggles, as a son, father and lover that continue to bring the character off the page and into the heart of the reader.

Chock full of action, short, crisp chapters and a few teasers thrown in to wet your appetite for the next installment – Double Cross is a double shot of Patterson at his thrilling best!

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 RJ McGill, Basic PLUS Author

Alex Cross has that certain, something special –an undefinable quality often referred to as the “it” factor, which sets him apart from garden-variety detectives and keeps fans turning pages. Picking up the latest Cross novel is much like getting together with family you only see a couple of times a year. You plan for, anxiously await the arrival date, excitedly interact– savoring every moment and lingering over every detail, for far too soon, your time together comes to an end. So it is with our beloved Alex Cross – we wait for what seems like forever for the next installment and devour it with the kind of passion usually reserved for new lovers…Patterson understands our relationship with this character, and always provides a few hints and teasers which ease our discomfort and immediately put us back into the “anxiously awaiting” phase of the relationship.

Get to Know -ALEX CROSS:

Alex Cross is six foot three, weighs 200 pounds, and is athletic. He still lives on Fifth Street in D.C., with Nana Mama, Damon and Jannie, and Rosie the cat. He drives a Mercedes Benz R 350. Alex Cross is forty-two years old.

EDUCATION: PH.D. in psychology from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. Special concentration in the field of abnormal psychology and forensic psychology.
Upon graduation Cross worked as a migrant farm worker for a year.

PROFESSIONAL: Alex Cross went into private practice in D.C. He struggled financially for three years before giving it up.
He joined the Washington, D.C., Police Department as a psychologist, working in Homicide and Major Crimes. Cross is a profiler. He works with VICAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) as a liaison between the FBI and D.C. police. Now an FBI Senior Agent, Cross works in the Hoover Building in D.C.

A Washington Post Magazine in-depth article called Cross “The Last Southern Gentleman” and praised him for his work in Homicide. It brought his name to the public’s attention.
Articles by Alex Cross on the criminal mind have appeared in Psychiatric Archives and American Journal of Psychiatry. He also wrote a diagnostic profile of psychopathic killer Gary Soneji/Murphy.

PERSONAL: Alex Cross was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His mother died of lung cancer when he was nine; his father, a heavy drinker, the year after. He was sent to D.C. to live with his grandmother, Regina Cross Hope (Nana Mama), an English teacher and assistant principal. She is eighty-four years old. Three brothers, two deceased; not raised by grandmother.
His wife, Maria, a social worker, was killed in a drive-by shooting that was never solved. He was left with two toddlers; Damon is now twelve and Janelle (Jannie) is now ten.
Alex Cross has another son, Alex Jr, age three. His mother, Christine Johnson, who was a principal at the Sojourner Truth School, now lives in Seattle with Alex Jr. Cross lost custody because of the dangers involved in his work. They never married.

Volunteer Work: St. Anthony’s Soup Kitchen, where he is called Peanut Butter Man and Black Samaritan. He offers free therapy sessions.

Hobbies: The piano. Loves to play Gershwin and classical music. Avid reader of fiction and nonfiction. Biweekly boxing lessons with his children.

Favorite food: White bean soup.

Least favorite: grape jelly omelette.
Enjoys fine wine and beer.
Favorite vacation spot: Caribbean.



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