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Thursday, April 17, 2008

LadyKiller by Lawrence Light & Meredith Anthony

by Lawrence Light & Meredith Anthony
ISBN-10:  1933515058
252 Pages
Oceanview Publishing

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Newspapers attach a media savvy nickname to murderers, in order to grab a reader’s attention. Ladykiller is no exception. The husband wife writing team of Meredith Anthony and Lawrence Light has delivered a frightening glimpse at the dark, sinister side of the city that never sleeps.

The senseless murder of four innocent women has the public demanding justice. With public tension, rising Detective Dillon gets the case. In addition to the mounting pressure to catch the killer, Dillon gets a stern ultimatum from his superiors, “catch him or you’re out.” Therefore, it is with his career on the line Detective Dillon is determined to bring justice to the Ladykiller.
Tracking the killer leads Dillon to the Crisis center and Megan Morrison, a gorgeous young social worker and her mentor and co-worker, Nita. The instant attraction between Dave and Megan creates yet another layer, bringing the reader deeper into, not only the story, but also the lives of the characters themselves. The relationship is electric between Dave and Megan. What follows is a passionate affair that could derail their investigation, as well as, their careers.
Anthony and Lawrence have created a character in the Ladykiller, with no conscience, that is able to move among the community practically unseen. He enjoys the tabloid and newspaper reports about the murders. Pausing to purchase a copy, he could not help but grin as he read, how stupid everyone was, he thought. Just because they could not fathom a reason for the carnage, certainly did not mean there was not a purpose. There was a purpose. Maybe one day not everyone would understand it, maybe.

This could very well be Detective Dillon’s last chance to right a wrong from his past, which haunts his mind and dwells deep within his soul. With time running out, answers few and far between, finding the Ladykiller is his only hope. Repeatedly studying the crime scenes, searching the grotesque photos hoping the victims would speak to him. What could link a cheerleader, a hooker, a housewife and a stockbroker? Lies, secrets, manipulations, swirl together to create an atmosphere of anxiety, anticipation and an insatiable desire to know the truth, for both Detective Dillon and the reader.

Ladykiller is superbly written, with an intense plot line, multi-dimensional characters and a setting that is detailed in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the story. This book moves forward with astonishing speed, taking the reader to places we wish only existed in movies and books. Anthony and Lawrence shine a light into the darkened alleyways and hidden underbelly of New York, bringing to the reader a gritty and unflinching view of the very things that haunt us in our nightmares.

From the safety of my own home, I felt uneasy and found myself checking the doors and turning on an extra light. To deliver a novel that is refreshing and interesting when dealing with such dark, complex issues reveals true talent. With a few questions left a bit iffy at the conclusion. It is my sincere hope that this is the beginning of novel two, as opposed to simply the end of the Ladykiller.

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