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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Den Blog

Maybe I'm alone in my frustration with critical reviews - has anyone else found themselves scratching your head wondering "what on earth is this person saying"? And more importantly - Why don't they just say it - without all the fluffy, oversized wording? Many of these "opinions" should start with a disclaimer - warning us that in order to decode the review we need to have a dictionary/thesaurus readily available. If this isn't enough to turn consumers away from the standard reviews, when 9 of 10 opinions contain the following statement or a variation thereof -
this book is a must read - 5 stars!!
Really? Can every book, or almost every book be deserving of a the coveted five star rating? If so, the rating has lost all meaning and has no weight, and should therefore be eliminated.

But, it was more than mere frustration that compelled me to move forward and enter the reviewing arena -- my love of reading led the way! Books have played a huge part in my life for as far back as I can remember...So, when I say, share the magic of the written word, for me that is an honest assessment of what transpires when I read a book...(or listen to an audio book). 

 Happy Reading,

Rj  :-)

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