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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Terrorism & The Illuminati by David Livingstone

Terrorism and The Illuminati
A Three Thousand Year History
by David Livingstone
ISBN 10: 1419661256
ISBN 13: 978-1419661259
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3.5 - 3.75(rating)

Covering a wide array of hot-button, often polarizing subjects such as Zionism, Nazism, radical terrorist factions, and where each fits into this highly controversial picture. Livingstone has delivered an important, albeit highly subjective book that's part history, part ideology/theology, and part conspiracy theory. Terrorism and the Illuminati is an in-depth view of secret societies, terrorism, and present-day conflicts, from the perspective that all are interconnected, related and fueling each other, thus propelling the world towards a "clash of civilizations."

Terrorism and the Illuminati trace and connects individual groups such as the holy grail, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and many others. Lords, legends, myths and elite bloodlines, when analyzed independently appear insignificant and are easily ignored. However, when the dots are connected, a very different picture begins to come into focus. According to like-minded individuals, keeping these connections broken and the lines blurred, has allowed these secret societies and their members to operate in the shadows of a meticulously cultivated public image.

While many dismiss the idea of secret societies and a one world government as mere conspiracy theories run amok, many others would argue that is part of the plan. One should stop and remember the words of the commissioner regarding the catastrophic events of 9-11..." a failure of policy and a failure of imagination..." Thinking outside the box has always been a trait of forward-thinking individuals and societies. Analyzing the ridiculous or outlandish has resulted in numerous discoveries and inventions that in retrospect have shaped communities, academics, governments, and the world as a whole and their creators are given the highest, most prestigious recognition. Although the ideas presented in this book have been discussed for hundreds and hundreds of years, interest in these age-old theories is obviously still alive and well, as was demonstrated by the response to Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code," as well as, the popularity of the subsequent movie, which was an international blockbuster.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading books about the occult, secret societies, one world conspiracies and it's possible to link to terrorism. Also, those who simply enjoy a challenging thought-provoking read that stimulates the mind. Terrorism and the Illuminati offers a strong starting point to begin your own research into this interesting, controversial discussion. Livingstone has included (at the end of the book) an exhaustive resource list that provides readers with lots of information, from a variety of sources.

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Notation: As a dedicated reader I couldn’t help but notice the typographical errors, however, as a reviewer, I am charged with reading and providing an honest, unbiased opinion of the subject matter and how well it was or was not delivered. If the errors are so egregious as to inhibit my ability to read and understand the text immediately, without deliberate thought, at that point I am obliged to include and denote this in the review. The errors in the dialogue of T & I, do not, in my opinion disturb the flow to any degree, much less to the point of being considered a justifiable reason to lower the rating of the title. I would like to see editors/proof readers be more diligent with the final copy, so that mistakes can be avoided in the future.
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