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Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Commandment by Brad Thor

Last summer, New York Times best selling author Brad Thor once again shocked and entertained readers, keeping them up late, turning pages into the wee hours of the morning, unable to find a stopping point in his latest, nail biting, octane laced thriller, "The First Commandment."

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The First Commandment
Brad Thor
ISBN 10: 1-4165-4379-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-4165-4379-4
Atria Books
A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc

Takedown raised the bar for political-thrillers, left readers in a state of shock and had critics wondering if Thor could possibly write another novel of equal quality. Well, he satisfied readers beyond their wildest dreams and silenced the critics with “The First Commandment.” The foreword is comprised of a single sentence: “Do not wish ill for the enemy, plan it.” With less than ten words the author set the tone, constructed the stage and prepared the audience for an adrenaline infused novel, fully loaded with international intrigue, brilliant prose and thought provoking scenarios so frighteningly real, they could easily be a part of the six o’clock news report.

Homeland Security agent, Scot Harvath is a born leader, selfless, strong, dedicated and intelligent– willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends, family and country…not necessarily in that order. With his extensive resources, both in and outside the government, elite special forces training and having saved the country and the president, on more than one occasion, he is the embodiment of a modern-day patriot. So, it is only natural when his family and friends begin being systematically targeted, the assaults mimicking the biblical plagues, that Harvath turns to those in power for assistance. Refusing to be dismissed by a third party, Harvath meets with the President face to face, demanding an explanation. Within a few minutes it becomes clear the only answers he will be privy to, are those he discovers on his own, he is officially out of the loop. Why would the best counter-terrorism agent be ordered to stand down?
Harvath found himself in an unfamiliar role, that of spectator and he felt helpless. Now, sitting by his girlfriend Tracy’s bed, he was truly helpless…unable to rescue her from the coma that held her captive. He knew what he had to do and understood the ramifications of his actions. By disobeying a direct executive order from President Rutledge, Harvath, is not only being hunted by one of the most dangerous men on earth, he’s been catapulted into the cross-hairs of the very government he vowed to protect. It doesn’t take long for the former Navy Seal to unearth a secret so disturbing, that questions and scenarios which had once been unthinkable, were now plausible.

Six months ago, America’s “First Commandment” was broken, when the President, persuaded by his advisers that the use of isotope technology gave them the ability to track the men, authorized the release of five, high value Guantanamo detainees. Lulled into a false sense of security, the government was ill-prepared and caught off guard, again.

The First Commandment is a brilliantly woven web of excitement, in which Brad Thor leaves no terrorist stone unturned, capturing the reader with a single sentence, he delivers his most electrifying and realistically frightening novel to date. Thor’s pen is firing on all cylinders and I can't wait until next summer, with the promise of yet another razor sharp thriller, blockbuster novels are giving readers what Hollywood delivers to movie goers....a summer to remember!

"The Last Patriot," set for release by Simon & Schuster, July 2008
Happy Reading!
- RJ

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    Although each novel stands independent and is thoroughly enjoyable solo, I recommend the entire series - as with fine wines, the stories just get better with age. The novels allow you to grow with the characters, the more you learn about them the more you care about them...well, some of them...others, evoke a whole other set of very intense emotions. These are books that you will return to read again and again. (Especially while waiting for the next one to be published!)

    Happy Reading!
    - RJ

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