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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

(A John Hutchinson novel)
Robert Liparulo
ISBN-10: 1595541667
ISBN-13: 9781595541666 

Hardcover, 480 Pages

Blending military expertise with genuine human compassion Robert Liparulo delivers a one, two punch that results in a knock out with Deadlock, the second book featuring John “Hutch” Hutchinson and his nemesis, Brenan Page.

Denver newspaper columnist John Hutchinson matches wits with ex-soldier turned military-techno-trainer, Brendan Page. Page’s company, Outis, utilizes online war games to target players who have an eye for strategy and good kill scores. These gamers are then recruited to take part in real world missions, where one shot one kill is just that and there is no reset button.

I would liken Outis to a futuristic version of Blackwater, all the soldier of fortune bravado of present day with the added technology of tomorrow. The most significant being the “mask” worn by the soldier, it’s sole purpose is to manipulate the environment, altering any element that might cause the soldier to hesitate. For example, the soldier is more likely to shoot an armed individual VS an unarmed, a soldier VS a civilian, a male VS a female, an adult VS a child, therefore, regardless of the reality, the mask “creates an ideal target” for the soldier.
Laura and her son Dillon (from book 1, Deadfall) are in town visiting Hutch from Canada. Page suddenly decides to call Hutch’s bluff – agreeing to meet with him. Momentarily torn between spending time with his children and his out of town guests or meeting with the elusive, murderous Page, Hutch opts for the latter and is off to Page’s corporate headquarters…in Seattle.

When Hutch’s son, Logan is kidnapped, his obsession is thrown into high gear, blinding him to the danger and propelling him forward through seemingly insurmountable odds.

In Deadlock, we are given a glimpse, (that will hopefully remain fictional), into the chilling possibilities and consequences that go hand in hand with advancing technology, especially when money, status and greed replace integrity, morality and accountability. The futuristic element is just beyond the setting sun of tomorrow, but not so much so that it becomes unforeseeable. The situations that play out are frighteningly similar to those we have seen on the news in recent months. The combination of fantasy and reality, creative imagination and good research have yielded an interesting, provocative novel, that moves quickly and keeps the reader involved. 
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The first, Deadfall, followed Hutch to Fiddler Falls Canada for two weeks of hunting and fishing with three friends. However, rest and relaxation were quickly side-tabled, when he discovers the townspeople are being held hostage and terrorized. With not much more than his trusty bow and a bit of good sense, Hutch manages to save the day and the town and make a good friend in the process.


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