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Monday, June 1, 2015

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo (Dreamhouse Kings YA series BK3)

Gatekeepers   Book#3, Dreamhouse Kings series

ISBN: 1595544984
ISBN: 978-1595544988

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Hardcover, 307Pages
Youth, ages 13+

Imagine living in a big, creepy house, with countless rooms to explore…now that would be cool! Now imagine some of the doors were actually portals to a historical time period…that would be super cool! And what if your actions and choices while in the portal changed the future? Wow! Well, that’s the basic premise of Robert Liparulo’s third Dreamhouse Kings book, Gatekeepers. Although a new novel, it reads like the simple continuation from the previous chapter, for this reason I highly recommend you read the first two action packed installments. (Watcher in the Woods, Dreamhouse Kings Book #2House of ShadowsDreamhouse Kings book #1)

The King children are determined to rescue their Mother from one of the houses’ time portals. After two failed attempts and barely escaping, the boys have been labeled hostile, convincing David that this mission will depend on Toria. Complicating matters further, the King’s nemisis, Taksidian continues to spin his evil web, bribing the police, having Mr. King arrested and thrown in jail. However, the kids aren’t without adult guidance, Jesse, a frail old man, wise to the special ways of this house reveals himself and offers to help. He emphasizes the importance of the children understanding how their actions while in the other worlds affect present day.

Several new characters are introduced in Gatekeepers and each plays an important role in developing the story and connecting the worlds hidden within the portals.
As the adventures continue more information is revealed, and the King’s begin to realize the extent of their inherited responsibilities as gatekeepers, as well as, the importance of family, loyalty and trust.
The characters, although experiencing extraordinary events, are quite ordinary and easy to relate too. You can’t help but be emotionally invested in this family, saddened by their struggles, cheering for their success, concerned for their safety and angered by evil Taksidian. All of which are the result of an exceptionally well written story by a talented writer that understands his target audience and believes in his characters. Interesting historical scenes and heart pounding action combine to make it quite difficult to find a place to stop for the night. So if you are reading this with your children, be prepared to hear “just one more page, please!”

This may be a youth series, however, adults will find themselves wrapped up in the smooth narrative, creative use of time travel and vivid imagery. These stories are filled with knuckle busting action, genuine emotion and lots of really interesting stuff that just has to be seen to be believed.

*I recommend those with younger children read the stories themselves prior to engaging your child because the intensity may be too much for some. And this is an individual decision only you, the parent can make for your child.
Happy Reading,
RJ McGill

The Dreamhouse Kings Series by Robert Liparulo

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