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Friday, June 12, 2015

Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver

Lincoln Rhyme Returns

Skin Collector

by Jeffery DeaverHardcover (book 11)ISBN-13: 9781455517138
ISBN-10: 1455517135
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Publish Date: May 2014
  • Page Count: 448

Hachette Audio
ISBN-10: 1478927143
ISBN-13: 978-1478927143
The foundation for this incredible book was laid some 17 years ago when Jeffery Deaver unleashed his instant thriller classic…The Bone Collector…now, the serial killer that held NYC hostage more than a decade ago has returned and in so doing, has  Rhymes, Sachs and the NYPD trying to outwit a killer with a message and nothing to lose.
In Skin Collector, supercop, Lincoln Rhymes must utilize all the weapons in his impressive forensic brain, while Amanda Sachs puts her boots on the ground, as his eyes and ears in the field. But knowledge alone will not be enough to stop this madman with a tattoo gun loaded with poison. Not as complex as we are used too from Deaver. The story often felt rushed or incomplete. Also the last few chapters are pure enticement for book 12…while I understand the writers’ thinking here, it’s simply a waste of good usable space in THIS book and it will be repeated in the beginning chapters of the next book. Because I love Jeffery Deaver’s writing style and Lincoln Rhymes is one of my favorite characters, I will read the next book and the next, etc. And maybe I’m in the minority here..but I will forget what was written here. I would prefer this practice become a thing of the past and fill this book up with the twists, turns, and U-Turns that give us chills, make us shake our heads and I guarantee when the book is closed for the final time, the first thought in the readers mind will be..”Gosh, I can’t wait for the next book!” Even though I was “mildly” disappointed with Skin Collector, it’s only because Deaver has set the bar so very high with previous titles. This is a good book, if you haven’t read the other 10 books there’s enough information you’ll enjoy the book. But it will wet your appetite for more and there’s plenty to keep you busy til number 12 in the series blazes a trail to your nearest bookstore’s best seller shelf.

Happy Reading!

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