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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vanished by Joseph Finder
Joseph Finder
ISBN: 0312379080
ISBN: 978-0312379087

Hardcover, 400 Pages


With his not so subtle wit and his oh so charming demeanor, Nick Heller is a man’s man, the new, “anti-hero” – he’s all about being straight forward and sticking to his guns, but a hero, well, that’s going a bit far…and such a reference would likely bring a quick hint of red to the face of this private investigator.
While the brother’s haven’t been close, since their father’s fall from grace, Nick has a special place in his heart for his brother’s family. There’s been at attack and Nick’s brother, Rick, is “missing.” The clues are few and far between and cryptic messages add to the mystery. Is this an abduction? A kidnapping for ransom? Or something even more sinister? Nick is certain his brother’s strange disappearance is tied to the work he’s been doing at Gifford Industries. (Gifford is a high tech, high powered consultant company, utilizing the special skills of former military and CIA agents.)

Clever plot twits, intrigue the imagination and bring the reader into the fray of the pages…Finder makes it easy to put on your detective cap and try to figure it all out – but just when you are certain you have it, the talented writer takes a sharp, unexpected, yet very believable turn…then you find yourself whispering, … now why didn’t I see that coming? Well, because you were so rapt up in the characters, the emotional drama, the corporate setting and the delicious hint at romance that nudges you throughout the story to see anything except the next sentence. (Or if you are indulging your senses with the audio version – the next phrase!)

The audio version takes the story to a whole new dimension, Holter Graham’s vocal range is incredible. From the nasal sounds of a teen boy, to the heartbroken cries of a wife, the dramatic emotional entanglements are brought to life and will leave you nearly breathless at times. I found myself rewinding and listening a second or even a third time, just to make sure I had taken it all in. . .

Vanished is a thriller and it most certainly does…and beyond that, it is entertaining! Don’t miss this introduction to a brand new leading man that will surely be around for a long time – I look forward to the next Nick Heller novel – I am anxious to get to know more about this intriguing character – what makes him tick, is there a lady in his future? Or maybe one returning from his past? There are so many possibilities and Joseph Finder will do his research, take the publics pulse and then deliver to us another exciting novel. I can’t wait!
 Vanished… is an exceptional novel – Don’t Miss it!

Happy Reading,


Joseph Finder on Finding a Hero for Vanished
A few years ago I was in London on book tour when I got a call from one of my best sources, a senior CIA operative involved in some really secret covert operations. He said he was in London too and wondered if I was free for dinner. There was someone he wanted me to meet.
I hadn't talked to my CIA friend--I'll call him James--in a few years, so I was glad to hear from him. I always enjoyed talking with him. Over the years he'd learned to trust my discretion (I never burn my sources) and--since I write fiction instead of reporting for the New York Times or something--he knew he could tell me things he could never tell a journalist.
I didn't ask how James had gotten my cell phone number. Or how he knew I was in London. I figured that, in his line of work, he just knew stuff.
When I got to the fancy restaurant in Mayfair, I found James sitting in a booth in the shadowed recesses with some very well dressed Arab-looking guy.
This guy wouldn't tell me his name. All he'd say was that he was an arms dealer from a certain Middle Eastern country. It took a while, and several bottles of expensive Bordeaux, but he started talking. And the stories he told me about how the international arms trade really worked, at the highest levels, blew me away. It was as if there was this whole subterranean world where terrifying things happen and decisions are made that affect us all, by faceless men whose existence we know nothing about.
Later, when I thanked James for getting us together, I asked him how things were going at the Agency. And that was when I got the biggest surprise of the evening: James wasn't working at the CIA anymore. He'd gone private. Now he was doing the same sort of spy work that he used to do, only for a lot more money. He worked for corporations and politicians and foreign governments. In fact, sometimes he even worked for the CIA, as an outside contractor.
But now, since he was no longer constrained by pesky U.S. government laws, he could actually do more. Go places that were once off limits. Do things he wasn't able to do before. He was an international investigator for a private intelligence firm.
He was a private spy. And when I heard that, I knew I'd just found the hero of my next book. My first series hero, in fact: a character who could come back in novel after novel. My own Jason Bourne or James Bond--only he'd fit right in with the real-world corporate intrigue that readers really seemed to respond to in my novels like Paranoia and Killer Instinct
and Power Play. But he could also do some really amazing spy stuff. He could be an action hero, but my sort of action hero--smart, connected, funny, real.
I named him Nick Heller, and I decided to introduce him to the world in a very personal, very high-stakes adventure in which he delves into his own troubled family history and, at the same time, digs up some very scary stuff about what really happens behind the scenes in Washington, D. You'll meet him prowling around a private airport outside of L.A., where he's been hired to locate a missing shipment of enormous value. You'll meet his evil father, Victor, who's in prison in upstate New York for a massive investment fraud. And his fourteen-year-old nephew Gabe, who's kind of "emo" (as my daughter would say) but actually pretty cool. And I'm pretty sure you'll be astonished by what he finds at the end of the story.

I think you'll enjoy spending time with Nick. I know I did.

Oh, and that arms dealer I met in London? He'll be showing up in one of the Nick Heller stories soon.

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