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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille *(audio)

Radiant Angel
by Nelson DeMille
read by Scott Brick
time 10.5hrs on 9CD's
        Hachette Audio

Visit:  Nelson DeMille online

America's cold war adversary is alive, well and up to no good in Nelson DeMille's new novel, Radiant Angel. Diplomatic Service Group (DSG) Agent, John Corey's latest assignment finds him at a Southampton Party, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, keeping a watchful eye on Russian Diplomat, Vasily Petrov. DeMille blows the story open when Petrov gives Corey the slip, in a well planned, expertly executed escape setting in motion a Jack Bauer like 24 hours of action packed sequences, sarcastic dialogue and new relationships.

Throughout Radiant Angel, John Corey has to find his way out of seemingly impossible situations, with little help from other agencies. Although he has been sounding the alarm about the Russian threat -  no one has been listening. Vasily Petrov, a member of the Russian Foreign Intelligence was masquerading as a diplomat, the question is why? As Corey and new agent, Tess Farraday track various leads, in an attempt to thwart whatever horrific attack Petrov and his goons have planned, we start seeing sparks of a different kind between the two.

Based on the hints tossed out in the book (and a quick peak into the fictional crystal ball)- it seems our hero is in for some more changes. He left the anti-terrorism agency - in doing so he thought he was leaving the bureaucratic red tape and life threatening assignments behind. He was wrong on both accounts. Now, in Radiant Angel he has sparks flying with newcomer, Tess Farraday, while Kate Mayfield (who has been the woman in Corey's life) is off doing her own thing. Farraday and Mayfield are quite similar as far as work ethic, maneurisms, and their interest in Corey. So while Mayfield is missing from the story, with Farraday in as Corey's right hand, you don't really notice Mayfield's absence.

There's a lot going on in a short time frame, which makes for a fast read. The 24 hour time frame was new for a John Corey book and I thought it read well. I enjoyed the Jack Bauer style and hope to see DeMille use it again in the future. I particularly enjoyed the re-emergence of Russia as a legitimate threat. I realize it's been done before, but in recent years, the focus has been on the Islamic threat, so this was a nice change. The antagonist, Vasily Petrov is an interesting character, however I would not call him brilliant. He makes mistakes that seem ridiculous for someone of his caliber. I would like to have seen more time and effort put into developing Petrov as a highly intelligent, cunning adversary.

Radiant Angel - It's interesting, exciting, and at times just plain fun. If you want to spend a few hours with a good book - this is a good choice. And with Scott Brick narrating the audio version is absolutely delightful. I read the hardcover and then listened to the audio - Brick's narration adds a dimension to the story that simply isn't there in the hardcover. Grad a copy and listen for yourself!

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Also available in Hardcover

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