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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jurassic World T-Rex

Jurassic World T-Rex

 Upon arrival you will need a phillips head screwdriver, a knife and wire cutters, 2 AA batteries and some patience. This is definitely not hassle free packaging. Just freeing Rex from the display style box requires a knife, to open the external box, wire cutters to cut the tie wires and a sense of humor or you'll be adding a few dollars to the swear jar. I recommend having two new batteries on hand, because the set included with ours needed to be replaced within the first hours. Now, to replace the batteries you'll need the phillips head screwdriver. Visually this T-Rex is stunning the colors, shading and protective bone structure...every detail right down to the gnarly teeth resembles the onscreen prehistoric giant. It's also a Big tyrannosaurus, some 10+inches tall and about 17inches from tip to tail. I can't say enough about the look...I just wish they had paid as much attention to the play aspects of this dinosaur as they did to its appearance.  

My granddaughter loves dinosaurs - little dinosaurs, big dinosaurs, soft ones, plastic ones - as long as it is a dinosaur she is usually Very Happy. But, after playing with this one for a while she appeared disappointed. I asked her why she was talking for him, but not playing with him? She said she didn't want to break him. Thinking that was cute I explained it was her toy, she wasn't going to break it. She said listen...then pushed his back - the stomping audio effect was accompanied by very loud clicking. That does sound like it's breaking. (JW is tattooed on his leg, so that's the name she gave him.)

This toy is made of a super thick hard plastic, but the neck and tail are made of a rubbery like plastic, giving them limited lateral movement. The legs are jointed, but getting JW to stand up independently (as shown in the product description pic) takes some finesse. However, once posed, JW holds his position. The description seems to imply that the dinosaur stomps. It does Not. The stomp is a sound effect, not a mechanical action. In addition to the "stomp sound" JW also Roars. Now, I haven't heard a real dinosaur roar, but having been exposed to the symphony of roars from dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, I must say JW's is quite realistic. When she presses the tail or the back, JW will with stomp and chomp. (always accompanied by the clicking) The menacing eyes and jagged teeth give this dinosaur a "mean" look, so she has cast JW in the role of bad Rex. In her imaginary world I've witnessed JW destroying a train and a small city, much like Godzilla before him. Then she changes her mind and JW is babysitting all the other dinos and riding in the stroller. I love seeing her imagination run wild.

In a nutshell, you can bring a piece of Jurassic World home with this dinosaur - so when the kids are no longer interested you can put it on display - it will most certainly be an attention getter!

:-) RJ

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