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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Lost Codex by Alan Jacobson

The Lost Codex
   (OPSIG Team Black Book #3)

by Alan Jacobson

400 Pages
ISBN : 1504003632
ISBN13: 978-1504003636
November 3, 2015
Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller

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I won't bother repeating the synopsis here, as it has been well covered by others. I was excited to read this book - I love history - I really enjoyed Dan Brown's I thought this one would suit me to a T. ... Well, not exactly.

Alan Jacobson's new novel, "The Lost Codex" has all the elements of a great book...unfortunately, the way those individual elements are put together fall short. FBI Profiler Karen Vail has been the star of previous books, here - she plays such a minor role, that had she been left out entirely it wouldn't make a difference in the story. It would however, have eliminated her immature dialogue and that would be a plus. This is a serious novel, dealing with heavy subject matter and too often Vail's voice sounds more like a teenager. The action sequences (and there's a lot of them) are powerful and Jacobson does a good job of explaining the complexities of the terror network. understood. When shooting stopped, the good/bad and more importantly - the why was crystal clear.
But the biggest disappointment is the codex. I know there's only one DaVinci Code, and that's great - I didn't expect (nor want) a repeat. I did expect the codex to be the main part of the story and it isn't. Calling it a subplot stretches the definition. There's just enough information scattered throughout to cause me to keep reading, thinking "okay, now we are getting to the good stuff." Sadly...we never did.

This isn't a bad book. There are several great ideas -  had they been sewn tightly together this would have been the kind of book you read again and talk about a lot...instead it's an okay book, you read once and quickly forget.

 Happy Reading!

Book Cover Synopsis

In 930 CE, a revered group of scholars pen the first sanctioned Bible, planting the seed from which other major religions will grow. But in 1953, half the manuscript goes missing while being transported from Syria. Around the same time, in the foothills of the Dead Sea, an ancient scroll is discovered—and promptly stolen. Six decades later, both parchments stand at the heart of a geopolitical battle between foreign governments and radical extremists, threatening the lives of millions. With the American homeland under siege, the president turns to a team of uniquely trained covert operatives including FBI profiler Karen Vail, Special Forces veteran Hector DeSantos, and FBI terrorism expert Aaron Uziel. Their mission: Find the stolen documents and capture—or kill—those responsible for unleashing a coordinated and unprecedented attack on US soil.

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