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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bumble Bee Transformer

Transformers Robots in Disguise Super Bumblebee Figure

Buyer Beware, BumbleBee Impostor

What a disappointment - This BumbleBee has no sting

My granddaughter loves Transformers and she's especially fond of Bumblebee. . . but not this one. Sure, when we opened the box and she first saw this 19+inch, bright yellow representation she squealed like it was Christmas morning. That didn't last very long. As soon as we tried to convert him to the super cool sports car, she realized this wasn't like her other Transformers. Nothing like even the smallest one. This toy doesn't transform correctly - even with an adult doing the transforming. The piece do Not fit together properly, there are large gaps, the tail piece that sticks down in the middle of the back of the car slowed or prevented the car from moving, unless we had hands on pushing it. So no wild speed racing across the kitchen floor, then click, pop, Wow, it's a Transformer - was click, pop, click, pop, ....Nana it won't fit! There is a special feature - this toy ties in with the Transformers in Disguise app (which is based on the animated series with the same name). You can download the app onto your device, then scan BumbleBee's shield - this unlocks a special character and sword. (If your child has been playing very long they have probably unlocked this already). I'm not sure if this was expected to be the big selling point about this toy, it sure seems that way. Because this toy lacks imagination, quality, design, construction, and playability.

There's no "bells and whistles" - it does speak a few famous phrases (15 sounds & phrases), sadly, that's really the only thing about this toy that remotely resembles a Transformer, oh and the bright yellow color.  Now she uses this Transformer (in robot mode) as the sewer for her small TMNT characters - hiding them in the countless plastic spaces. I guess that's better than not playing with it at all - but had it been what we expected from reading the description, this toy would never be still long enough to be used as a hiding place for TMNT.

I can not, in good conscience recommend this toy as it is at this time. If changes are made I would be happy to revisit this review and edit if warranted.

*note: this toy requires 1AA battery which IS included

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