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Friday, October 2, 2015

De'Longhi Ceramic Indoor Grill

Dual Sided Ceramic Grill by De'Longhi

De'Longhi Dual Ceramic Grill

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The first thing I noticed about The De'Longhi Grill - it's much larger than it appears in the photo. It occupies quite a bit of counter and storage space. It weighs 10.5 pounds, but is a lot bulkier than similar products in our pantry. The cord and scraper fit neatly under the ceramic plates - eliminating the frustration of digging through drawers looking for the right cord. Since there are no instructions indicating what the thin piece of horseshoe shaped metal is for, I almost tossed it in the trash.  However, after fumbling with it for a few minutes I figured out it was the "splatter guard." While it did prevent some splattering, after one use I opted for my own creative splatter control. I lowered the temperature for a few minutes (allowing time for the majority of grease to be pressed out by my spatula) then increased the temperature to achieve the attractive grill marks.

In 5 minutes the unit had reached a temperature sufficient to cause water droplets to dance. After placing my entrees I noticed that one was sizzling more than the other, indicating a difference in temperature. My solution was to keep moving the two entrees back and forth, side to side, so that both would be done at the same time. The "temperature" dial is: Min, Med, Max with five small, nearly undiscerable clicks in-between each of the three. There's no way to determine precise temperature (i.e. 400 degrees vs 375 degrees). While cleaning I noticed the heating coils are snaked, causing vacant spots - these coincided with the hot/not so hot spots I had experienced while cooking.
The slanted platform drains fat away from food and into the drip container. While this is a healthy alternative to stove-top skillet frying, more grease remains within the food than the indoor grills that have a top that mashes the food, forcing nearly all the fat out. (And many would say most of the taste as well.) Both ceramic "grill plates" and drip tray are removable, making clean up much easier. After scraping the plates with the plastic scraper, I washed them in hot, soapy water. It took very little effort, even severely burned chicken cleaned right off. Cleaning the unit itself and all the little nooks and crannies that grease gets too was a chore.

My experience - after all was said and done, my steak was much juicier and had better flavor with this grill vs. similar, as did pork chops and chicken breasts. For us, cooking for three, the trouble of dragging this Goliath Gadget out, guessing temperature setting, and cleaning the unit (not the ceramic plates), I would rather use my cooktop or the outdoor grill. This is mainly because it doesn't accommodate enough food for three without placing some of it on the flat side, and rotating all pieces constantly so that they are finished at the same time. But for one person or a couple this could be a good alternative to the stove top. For campers with access to electricity this would be the perfect way to make roughing it a lot easier!

In a nut shell -  I recommend potential buyers carefully consider their individual needs....for the right person or the right situation the De'Longhi Dual Sided Ceramic Grill could be the right choice.

Happy Grillin!


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