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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Ice Limit by Doulas Preston & Lincoln Child (audio)

The Ice Limit

The Ice Limit
by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Audio 15 CDs, 17 hours
Narrated by Scott Brick

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Preston and Child have mastered the "escapism novel." I've enjoyed reading their stories for years - and while Ice Limit isn't especially imaginative, it is definitely a lot of fun. The cast of characters brought together to move the worlds largest meteorite from its icy grave, near Tierra Del Fuego to New York are some of the best I've read in a while. There are six individuals that propel the story, each with their own skills, reputations and motivations. It's unusual in a science fiction-mystery-thriller to have such deeply drawn characters that become part of the readers world for a few hours. They are easy to care about, easy to identify but the twists and turns, while expected are still surprising. (Because no job goes smoothly, no matter how obsessive the planning in a P&C story.)

This is a good book that will no doubt remain on the best seller list for a long time. It would be a wonderful movie...IF the right people are cast in the role of these exceptional characters.
Kudos to Preston and Child for delivering yet another wonderful read - that's well researched, well written, very interesting and highly entertaining. I would love to see these characters return in another story.

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