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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Terrorist's Holiday by Andrew Neiderman

The Terrorist's Holiday

The Terrorist's Holiday
by Andrew Neiderman
ISBN: 1497693950
Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller

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The Terrorist's Holiday is centered around "The New Prospect," an exclusive Cat Skill's Resort where thousands of Israel's big wig, big name, big money supporters have gathered with their families to celebrate Passover. This world class resort is also the center of attention for the terrorists - a young couple that, to some degree, appear to be experiencing a moral conflict. Of course the detective is trying to ensure the safety of the guests and thwart the terrorist plan. While the terrorists want to secure the most effective area to place their bombs.

I loved "The Devil's Advocate," and "The Hunted," and I wanted to love this one - and I kept hoping that somewhere, within the 300 pages the writer I enjoyed so much previously would take over and save "The Terrorist's Holiday." The concept was there - but it was clumsily delivered. Starting with the resort - that should've been a 'character' itself - Much like it was in the 80's classic, Dirty Dancing. There were too many characters, it was very difficult to keep them all straight. A defined character list at the front of the book would've helped. There are people we meet, but their involvement in the story has no effect whatsoever on the story... (So why muddy the waters with unnecessary people?) The main characters had their problems too...For example: I can not see a detective taking his wife and kids to a resort he believes has been targeted for attack. I just never connected with the characters. It read like an older book - it felt dated and underdeveloped. In a nutshell, it's okay - If you find yourself snowed in with nothing to read, The Terrorist's Holiday will fill the hours.

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