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Friday, April 8, 2016

Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly (audio)

Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly (audio book from Hachette)

Chasing the Dime
written by Michael Connelly
narrated by Johnathan DavisJ
ISBN: 1478908033

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Michael Connelly is one of a select few authors that I will grab off the shelf without even reading the blurb on the back. He's never let me down. Oh sure, I like some books better than others - but I have yet to come across a truly bad one. And Chasing the Dime is no exception. (Thank goodness!) If you are a Connelly fan you will immediately recognize his easy to read, well put together writing style. There's no one left hanging upside down, on a cliff, holding onto a daisy in his novels. All the characters are defined, three dimensional and connected -- not only to the story, but easily connect to the listener. This is a good book, only made better by the profession narration of Johnathan Davis. Davis skillfully maneuvers within this psychological thriller - using depth, tone, and character defining  range to treat the listener to easily recognizable characters, with emotions so real you feel you could reach out and touch 'em. Excellent narration...adds a whole new level of enjoyment to Chasing the Dime. If you're searching for a new book - you can put on your headphones, settle in to a comfy chair and enjoy the twists, turns and surprises that await you in Michael Connelly's Chasing the Dime.

**There's been criticism of the nerdy, scientist turned arm chair detective - why get involved? why didn't he just change his phone number and mind his own business? Well, curiosity gets the better of us sometimes...even the highly educated can fall victim to the desire to "know." Plus, he's lived a pretty straight laced, nerdy, and what most would call "boring" life... Now, he's given the opportunity to be be around "women of the night" and possibly be a hero. He doesn't intend to get so wrapped up in the darkier, seedier side of life - he only wanted to dip his toe into the deep end of that side of the pool. Thank goodness he gets sucked in - the result... a full length novel that keeps you right in the middle all the way through. The story is believeable, entertaining, interesting, and just down right fun. Every thriller doesn't have to be about homeland security, terrorism, nuclear or biological attacks...Sometimes it's nice to go in a different direction and suspend for a few hours whatever cut and dry box you confine thriller novels to and let one roam free.

Listen to Chasing the Dime - judge for yourself. 

Happy Reading!

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