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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Roses are Red by James Patterson (Audio)

Roses Are Red
by James Patterson
read by Peter Jay Fernandez
ISBN: 1478964197
released - 2016
Hachette Audio

I've been an Alex Cross fan since the first novel hit the shelves - way back in .... (oh, well, so much for keeping my age a secret)  :-)  1993. That was the year I picked up Along Came A Spider. I was hooked! Alex Cross was so charismatic, handsome, caring, and loyal you couldn't help but love him. But, there was that tough side of him that was extremely appealing too. The no nonsense, cross me and I'll take you down attitude that kept the tension level at boiling throughout the story. With each book, Patterson got the reader closer to the characters, delivered progressively nastier, sneakier, and deadlier enemies and I couldn't get enough.

Roses Are Red was released in the year 2000 and was the 6th book in the Alex Cross series.  There's a lot going on in this book - Detective Cross continues the pursuit of romance with a trusted FBI agent, his precious daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumor and a bank robber calling himself the Mastermind is wrecking havoc in D.C. Cross is pulled in so many different directions in this one, it's no wonder he seemed to  miss several very vibrant red herrings. Roses Are Red is a carbon copy of the previous books, in writing style, short, crisp chapters with simple prose. It's been a winning recipe thus far for Patterson and I don't see that changing. However, if the stories continue to be reminiscent of a Hardy Boys book, readers that love thrillers will seek more engaging novels elsewhere.

It's been years since I read Roses Are Red - listening to the book on audio CD was surprisingly enjoyable. The depth, tone, and tension brought to the story through the masterful narration of Peter Fernandez changed the whole reading experience for me. If you are an Alex Cross fan. If you love James Patterson. You owe it to yourself to get a copy of these classic novels on audio. I enjoyed the audio book much more than reading the hard copy years ago. The narration is perfect and adds so many levels to the story that it's almost like reading a new book. You have to listen for yourself to truly appreciate what good narration can do, even for a mediocre story.

You asked for the list & I listened.  Here it is! Enjoy  :-)

Do you love Alex Cross? Did you miss a book here and there? Or maybe you just want to go back and reread a classic James Patterson novel.

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