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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Story Monster Approved Books

Story Monster - is a cute, green, 7"x6", alien-like "Monster" with four eyes, fangs, and purple spots.  Building a strong vocabulary and excellent reading skills makes a huge difference in a child's classroom experience. Not only with improved scores but interpersonal relationships, communication, self-confidence, creativity and personal goals. Parents and educators employ various techniques in an effort to encourage children to read...some more successful than others. That's where Story Monster is more than just another stuffed animal. The whole purpose behind the creation of Story Monster was to get children excited about reading time. Whether readingSparent or during independent reading - - Story Monster is right by your side...listening... and always wanting another story.

Story Monster can be purchased from Little Five Star Publishing.

Little Five Star, an imprint of Five Star Publications, Inc. devoted to publishing children

                                                         Story Monster Approved

Story Monster APPROVED

Little Five Star is an imprint of Five Star Publications. Little Five Star publishes books for young readers....titles meant to educate, entertain and encourage  growing minds. Each book has a "Story Monster Approved" sticker on the cover. (You can also purchase a roll of "SMA" stickers to adhere to books already in your child's library.) This just reinforces the idea of Story Monster children. Seeing the stickers on the books alerts kids that the book is "SMA."

Rattlesnake Rules by Conrad J. Storad
available in hardcover & paperback (both 8 x 8)
40 Pages
Ages 4+

Visit RattleSnake Rules Website


Rattlesnake Rules was written for children age 4 and up. 

 What I found really interesting about this book - It isn't just an entertaining child's book about a mother snake and her babies. At the end there's a purely educational section that will be most helpful with school papers and/or projects when my granddaughter enters elementary school. She liked this book. She thinks snakes are scary (Nana does too). But reading Rattlesnake Rules took some of the "He-Be-gee-bees" about snakes away. She now understands why they rattle and what she should do if she hears it. She really liked the pictures throughout the book. The illustrations bring the book to life, giving the characters personality and making the snakes appear friendly. My granddaughter loves animals . This book introduced her to rattlesnakes, educated her about them and gave her an appreciation for their place in the "circle of life."

**The curriculum guide, at the end of the book, includes more information about the long misunderstood rattlesnake.
     ~ fact vs fiction
     ~ mysteries
     ~ new words to learn

An entertaining, informative, affordable book that takes some of the mystery out of rattlesnakes. (And a lil' of the "he-be-gee-bees" too!)





Gator, Gator, Second Grader
     Classroom Pet or Not?
written by Conrad J. Storad
Paperback (8 x 8)
40 Pages
Ages 6+

Visit Gator, Gator Second Grader Website

The first thing I noticed about this book was the brightly colored, cleverly designed cover. It certainly made my granddaughter want to know "What's in the box?" She was intrigued before I opened the book. Things got even better inside. The rhyming dialogue, combined with incredible illustrations made this a fun book to read. Or to quote my granddaughter..."awesome, can we read it again?" Nana's five favorite words. My granddaughter is opinionated, and often appears picky - she knows what she likes and what she doesn't. Gator, Gator has been in her "WTR" (want to read) stack since we got it. She loves animals and is forever wanting to adopt them all. This book reinforced the "No to that, but yes to this" tactic we've always used. The teacher in Gator, Gator tells her students that a gator would not be a good pet, but then finishes that sentence with.... But one of these animals would make a wonderful pet.

Gator, Gator is a terrific little book that we've certainly enjoyed reading. It's full of interesting, educational facts, but written in such a way the child doesn't realize they are them it's simply a fun book to read.

The Tiniest Tumbleweed
written by Kathy Peach
Paperback (8 x 8)
40 Pages
Ages 3+

Visit Tiniest Tumbleweed Website

The Tiniest Tumbleweed is a sweet children's book about a tumbleweed that's smaller than the others. The little tumbleweed questions her mother...asking if she'll ever be as big as other tumbleweeds. To which Mom replies "perhaps not, but you will be as big and strong as you can be, and that's just fine....." The Sparrow family lives next door to the Tumbleweed family. Throughout this beautifully illustrated, age appropriate story the two little characters, Tumbleweed and Sparrow grow, accept themselves and realize they are capable of more than they thought.

This is a wonderful children's story that uses two unique characters to convey how important it is to accept and believe in yourself. My granddaughter understood and enjoyed the story and really liked the illustrations. She thought the Tumbleweed was "really cute."

The Tiniest Tumbleweed


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