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Monday, July 18, 2016

Zoo 2 by James Patterson *(BookShots Audio)


Zoo 2
by James Patterson with Max DiLallo
read by Jay Snyder

3 CD's approx. 3.5 Hours
Hachette Audio

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 If you read my review of the first Zoo by James Patterson you know I said wasn't "my cup of tea." The crazed animals wrecking havoc were interesting - it was the lack of depth in the characters and the run on descriptions that flattened story. But, Zoo 1 did make me want to listen to Zoo 2, for two reasons...blatant curiosity and the new format. 

Having listened to the BookShot Cross Kill before Zoo 2 I was already familiar with the shot style...condensed, fast moving and none of the blah-blah-blah page filler dialogue. Yippee! 

So Zoo 2 continues the crazy animal attacks and gore fest plus some people are now mutating into super predators. Something happens to their brain resulting in super speed and extraordinary strength. This made no sense to me whatsoever. But I didn't understand the selective mutation either. The main character, Oz (from Zoo 1) takes Chloe and his child and leaves the safety of the frozen tundra to try once again to stop the madness. The entire planet is on the edge of total annihilation and Dr. Oz is our hope. Well, we are doomed. For all his genius he has the common sense of a turnip. (No offense to turnips or turnip lovers.) This silliness propels the story forward to a cliffhanger ending. I guess I'll "know" with the next book or a follow-up BookShot.

The cliffhanger ending doesn't bother me so much because after Cross Kill I expected it. (That one bothered me...I wasn't expecting it.) Anyway, Zoo 2 is a hot mess. Things are never explained and left me scratching my head and rewinding the CD. Just a few that really made the needle swing straight to far-fetched - 
     - an elderly librarian throws a 300lb man
     - not all humans mutate... why?
     - capture these caveman minded super-predators and spray the cure up their nose...really?
     - Oz's wife and child are abducted, later the narrator tells us they're back...again how? IF this wasn't important enough to explain why include it?

Books are a personal adventure you agree to go on with the author when you open the book. (Or put the CD into the player.) BookShots are a short journey that doesn't require a significant investment. My recommendation...if you like sci-fi and suspending reality - Give it a shot!
I didn't particularly enjoy this one, but you might like it. Jay Snyder does a very good job maintaining the pace and building suspense. I definitely enjoyed the audio much more than the book.

 Happy Listening!

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*Review copy provided courtesy of Hachette Audio.

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