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Friday, September 23, 2016

Chase by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge *(BookShots - Audio)
Chase - A Michael Bennett's Story
by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
read by Danny Mastrogiorgio
3CD's approx. 2.5 Hours
Hachette Audio

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What begins with a scuffle in the men's room concludes with a man jumping or maybe being pushed off the hotel roof. Detective Michael Bennett is called to the scene. As he scans the hotel room, he notices small clues that point towards homicide not suicide. The medical examiner has two very unusual pieces of information to share with Det. Bennett. First, while performing the autopsy she discovered the deceased had swallowed a condom prior to his death. Inside was a small piece of paper with a group of seemingly random numbers printed on it. Second, the dead man's name was Stephen Eardley...USAF pilot that died in combat years ago.

Doors were quickly slammed in Bennett's face at the Pentagon. He is flabbergasted that no one is interested in finding out how USAF pilot Eardley just died in NY, even though he perished in firey crash serving his country in Iraq? Flustered and about to head home, Bennett receives a private message that sends him to Pennsylvania. The GPS and cell phone indicated he was way past the boonies, in the middle of nowhere when he arrived at his destination. He decided to wait when he got no response from ringing the buzzer. Sitting there, in the middle of nowhere it dawned on him that this wasn't a good idea. But that realization came to late. He had already gone from hunter to hunted. Professional killers? Mercenaries? They got the drop on Bennett and now it would take all his cunning and an incredible stroke of luck to get out of the handcuffs, out of their truck and out of this alive.

This is a good book. I enjoyed it. It's not a real-life, docu-drama kinda story. Yes you have to suspend reality a little. But isn't that what fiction does? Takes us away from what is real and entertains us. I liked Grandpa...the veteran that had one more good fight left. And his granddaughter was a smart lil girl that had nerves of steel.

Danny Mastrogiorgio's narration is wonderful. The pitch, tone and rhythm are specific for each character - making them feel and sound like real people. Chase is a fun, entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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 Available Nov. 15th

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