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Friday, September 30, 2016

The House Secrets by Brad Meltzer & Tod Goldberg *(Audio)

The House of Secrets
by Brad Meltzer & Tod Goldberg
narrated by Scott Brick & January LaVoy
9 CD's Approximately 10 Hours
Hachette Audio

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The short version of the synopsis on the back of the book. 
          "Trying to put together the puzzle pieces of her past and present, Hazel Nash needs to figure out who killed this man-and how the book wound up in his chest. The answer will tell her the truth about her father, what he was really doing for the government-and who Hazel really is."

The House of Secrets is a hot historical conspiracy mess that would've been so much better as two books. One that introduced the Nash family, from Jack's early years chasing conspiracies all over the world, his long running TV show "House of Secrets, his ties to the government, to just beyond the car crash that killed him. Book one ending as his daughter, Hazel, awakens from a week long coma, suffering from limited amnesia and with FBI agents hovering at her hospital door. Now that's a cliff-hanger. Then open book two with Hazel finding out her father and a man he had met with a few days before, had both been murdered. Somehow all of this is connected to a Bible the size of a deck of cards recovered during the victim's autopsy. Not just any tiny Bible...Benedict Arnolld's tiny Bible. Then the search for all kinds of answers - who murdered her father? Why? Who is she really? What about her brother Skip? Who is he? What secrets is he hiding? But that's my version. 

I've had a really hard time trying to figure out how to write this review.There's so much going on.
The House of Secrets is a puzzle box, wrapped in a mystery, tied up with conspiracies and stamped with a riddle. There were many times I had to rewind and listen again. Everything moves so quickly I feared I had missed something. Also Hazel has a laundry of list of questions and is seeking answers to each. But with this novel, one answer doesn't definitively lead to the next. Most the answers Hazel seeks can only be found in the past. A past she can no longer remember clearly.

Scott Brick and January LaVoy deliver a stellar narration performance from beginning to end. I hope they are tapped to continue being the voices that bring the characters of this series to life.
What a ride! The House of Secrets is a unique listening experience. If you like conspiracies don't miss getting started with Brad Meltzer's new series. It's challenging and messy but worth the extra effort.

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"The House of Secrets is a puzzle box, wrapped in a mystery, tied up with conspiracies and stamped with a riddle."

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