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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Trial by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro *(BookShots- Audio)
Trial (The Women's Murder Club)
by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
read by January LaVoy
*BookShots - Audio edition
3 CD's approx. 2.5 Hours
Hachette Audio

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BookShots - "Stories at the speed of life."

Here's the jist - In Trial the listener is reintroduced to Kingfisher. Yep, the murderer. The drug kingpin. The one that died a year ago. Except he is very much alive and according to eye witness statements he murdered two people in a poshy nightclub. I thought the search for Kingfisher was relatively easy considering what a BAD, bad, bad-guy he has proven to be in the past. But the very next short, crisp chapter validated that easy capture and the books' title. Once in custody Jorge Sierra threatened the lives of everyone connected to his case. He threatened to wreck havoc on San Francisco itself. But with the criminal behind bars, detectives breath a collective sigh of relief - that's barely exhaled when the body count starts rising. Kingfisher was making good on his threats and Detective Boxer had to find a way to stop him...for good this time?

Trial is #15.5 in the mega popular Women's Murder Club series from authors James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. I must admit I've only been able to finish 3 of the 15 books in the's just not been my cup of tea. But, I liked this one! The whole premise of BookShots is the elimination of everything but the absolute essential elements necessary to tell the story. Gone is all the meandering around and around the barn twenty-nine times simply to get to the front door...Almost! Even in this short format there was too much precious space given to Detective Boxer missing, dreaming, whatever about her failing love life. I wish in addition to eliminating the meandering, they would've erased the "fluff stuff" too. There's plenty of action, but be forewarned this isn't a procedural tale - you have listen for entertainment only. (Shhhh. you have to suspend reality for 2.5 hours and just sit back and be entertained.) You'll probably see the man behind the curtain long before the authors big reveal. But here again, I just sat back and listened. (Of course I smiled a little.)

 I waffled back and forth on a star rating for The Trial. I'm going to settle on 3.5-4 stars. The audio edition is narrated by the talented January LaVoy. The voice inflections, pitch differences and smooth tones add so much to the BookShots experience. I recommend the audio edition to all Murder Club fans, all Patterson fans, and any book lover that wants to be entertained for 2.5 hours.


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