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Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Lucky Day by Carlos J. Server (*English Edition, Paperback)
A Lucky Day
by Carlos J. Server
English Edition
  (Spanish Edition available)

No. 1 bestselling novel in Spanish in Kindle format available on Amazon in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Holland, and Italy.

More than 550 days in the top 100 bestselling novels on Amazon Spain.

**Finalist in the First Annual Indie Literary Prize Contest by Amazon.


Some lucky ticket holder from a small village in the French Riviera has won the EuroMillions Lottery! It was the talk of the town. Everyone was curious to know "who won?" But, even as the deadline for claiming the money loomed - the winner remained anonymous.

The lottery isn't "the story." It is the catalyst that uncovers the real stories.
The cast of characters in A Lucky Day are some of the best developed, sharpest drawn I've read in a long time. (In any genre, by any author.) Even the supporting characters have more depth and relatability than many of the lead characters recently on the best seller list. There's the mayor who's occupied his chair for 30 years. He's opinionated, authoritative and has more than once simply created a new political party to represent his views. Then there's the beloved Priest - he's everything you imagine the Pope would be, if the Pope were neighborly and down to earth with none of the pomp and circumstance. The baker, with his sugary sweet talk thinks himself a real treat for the ladies and acts accordingly. A gangster wannabe, he would be eaten alive (or maybe buried that way) if he ever crossed paths with a true gangster. But his overbearing, bullying style has earned him bad boy status, especially at home. I was red in the face angry reading the dialogue between Dominique and Bernadette. When suddenly, she found her voice...only to learn her marriage had been based on a lie. A lie that altered the path of three people's lives. Wow, what a roller coaster!

I hope the author decides to write a series. I would love to follow the same characters through several novels. Server's ability to mold, reveal and withhold aspects of the people that populate his story had me wrapped up in the book within a few chapters. Three dimensional and well rounded, Server's characters are interesting and easy to relate too. To me, being emotionally invested is one of the most important parts of a story. If the author fails to present characters that I can care about, the book is simply words on paper. Cold, empty and meaningless. It's when the author fills those words and connects them with all the different aspects that make a well rounded character that I care what's happening. Even the antagonist. I have to love hating him. (or her)

The short, crisp chapter style moves the story along at a comfortable, natural pace. It also gives the reader a place to pause without disrupting the flow. (Should you want to pause that is.) If you are looking to read a book that is different from anything sitting on the shelves around it - pick up A Lucky Day.
I liked this book and recommend it enthusiastically.

Happy Reading!

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Paperback English Edition available February 2017

CLICK HERE for link to Kindle Edition available now.

A Singular Baptism, June 2017

CLICK HERE to visit author Carlos Server

*Disclosure: I received a courtesy copy of this book.

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