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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Filthy Rich by James Patterson *(Audio)

Filthy Rich
The Shocking True Story of Jeffery Epstein
by James Patterson
John Connolly with Tim Malloy

Hachette Audio
6 CD's 7 Hours


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A powerful billionaire, the sex scandal that undid him and all the justice money can buy.


  Jeffery Epstein, without a college degree, or any family connections was able to amass a small personal fortune. It has been said that much of that fortune came from helping his wealthy contacts with tax avoidance schemes. One unnamed source in Filthy Rich alludes to this allegation. But of all the questions and inquiries anyone should concern themselves with regarding Epstein, how he used that money to victimize young girls and then to manipulate the legal system should be priorities one and two. Which is exactly what I thought James Patterson had done with Filthy Rich. I was wrong.
This book was disappointing on many levels. While the description of what "went on" during Epstein's massage sessions was long, detailed and bordered on audio pornography. The explanation of his "tap on the wrist" sentence is left for you to come to your own conclusions. I can't even call it a smack on the wrist. Because smack is too strong a word. Epstein lured young girls (14-17) and used girls he was already victimizing to recruit their friends. Paying these girls for an hour what it would take weeks to earn at a minimum wage job.
I was expecting a well researched, dismantling of where and how the legal system failed and everything that is known about Epstein to be laid bare. Filthy Rich feels like a book report thrown together the night before it was due. It feels very rushed. It is vague where it should be detailed. This book missed an opportunity to shine a bright light into the dark, secret world of a pedophile hiding in plain sight.

Jason Culp does a miraculous job narrating. I read the hard copy, then listened to the audio book. Although I can't in good conscience recommend either. If you are interested in this book, pick up the audio. It's far less painful.

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*I received a review copy of this audiobook from Hachette Audio.

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