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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Obsidian Chamber by Preston & Child *(Audio)

 The Obsidian Chamber by Preston & Child

The Obsidian Chamber
by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
read by Rene' Auberjonois'
11 CDs Approx. 13 hours
Hachette Audio

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"A tragic Disappearance... A shocking return... An international manhunt... But in a worldd of black and white, nothing is as it seems.
                                                                                   (cover quote)

Oh my - did I miss a Pendergast novel? Yes, I sure did. I have no idea how, but I missed Crimson Shore. Of all books to have missed I picked that one. Uggh. I fully intend to read it in the next few weeks that's for sure. I strongly suggest - IF you haven't read Crimson Shore, get a copy and read it before reading The Obsidian Chamber.

The Obsidian Chamber doesn't have the customary science fiction dedicated readers have come to expect in a Pendergast novel. But do not be deceived - this is a good book. Constance is front and center throughout the bulk of the book, with Pendergast being the center of attention but the character is sadly missing. (Crimson Shore ended on a heart-stopping cliffhanger...with the fate of the beloved Pendergast unknown.)There's so much going I felt as though my headphones were going to spin clean off. The title, is the name of a strange, supernatural-like room that somewhere in the story Constance is trapped in. After Pendergast rejected her, he's gone missing and presumed dead and she is majorly depressed. The Proctor and Constance's protector (in Pendergast's absence) grabs his "emergency kit," full of everything one would need to traipse off on a "one man" 007 like adventure. Then, if that wasn't enough action - while Proctor is away Diogenes is back from the dead to play! Professing his undying love and his life altering rehabilitation were not sufficient to convince the lovely Constance. So he whisks her off to a secluded spot to continue his convincing of course. Meanwhile, Pendergast arrives at his New York home only to find it empty. No Proctor, No Constance, but enough clues for this one of a kind detective to find what and who he is looking for. Thus begins the race to find those who at first were mourning, and/or searching for him.

Wow! What a ride. The pace never lets up. Multiple points of narration and some of the dialogue can stretch the ears in a few places, but that's to be expected. We have to suspend reality, a tiny bit, (sometimes a little more) to fully enjoy Aloysius Pendergast. This man is so many things wrapped into a character I cannot help but love. He's highly educated, a master of manipulation, speaks six languages fluently, wears tailored suits made from a special 1950's wool, moves as gracefully as a ballerina, yet as deadly as the world's best sniper. This FBI agent galavants all over the world, chasing bad guys, escaping impossible situations with Houdini-like-finesse and I hang on every word.

If you've never read a Pendergast novel, allow this one to entice you, but start at the beginning. If you are a Pendergast fan, you already know this is a must read. The audio edition is superb. Rene' Auberjonois' reprises his long running role of narrator. I cannot imagine anyone else voicing Aloysius. The inflections, pacing, and tones utilized throughout give each character their own distinct, recognizable sound. I love listening Auberjonois' and Highly recommend the audio edition of The Obsidian Chamber.

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**NOTE** I intend to go back, read Crimson Shore, listen to Obsidian Chamber again, then revisit this review with any additional comments. Check back for update **

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The authors have suggested many times that if possible readers should read the books in order. Even though each is an enjoyable stand-alone...there are little clues, comments, characters, significant settings, etc. the reader will just "read through" without "getting" the underlying significance. If you've read each book, you're a member of the Pendergast Club - if something has special get it!

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