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Monday, January 16, 2017

Nintendo 3DS XL Special Edition Lime Green *with Super Mario World pre-loaded

Verified Purchase
This review is from: Nintendo New 3DS XL Special Edition: Lime Green (Video Game)

I PURCHASED ($199) the Special Edition Lime Green 3DS XL for my granddaughter to take on her first super-long road trip. In hopes of keeping her entertained for at least part of the ride.

The Special Edition comes with Super Mario World preloaded. It does NOT come with an AC adapter. This must be purchased separately. I purchased the "Universal Charge Kit." (Link below) First thing I did upon arrival was open it to make sure it was intact. Then I plugged it up to charge. Knowing it would need to be 100% when she opened it. The 3DSXL is leaps and bounds above the original handheld DS from years ago. The screen resolution is much better. Even 2ds games that do not utilize 3D are crisper and more defined. I like being able to control the 3D.

It's also fast. Downloading and streaming I experienced no lagging behavior whatsoever. I set up the Wi-fi and parental controls in a matter of minutes. It comes with a 4gb micro-SD card installed. E*store purchases fill this up quickly! Getting to it caused me to add a few dollars to the 'swear jar.' It's actually located under the battety. It requires 4q'a TINY screwdriver *(if I ever find the screwdriver that fits I'm buying three.)
DKC was one of my all time favorites. It looks amazing! Playing Yoshi's Island I got to experience holding the DS like a steering wheel to control the in-game character. It's incredibly accurate.

It didn't take long for my granddaughter to find lots of cool stuff to do. Watching YouTube videos, Netflix, creating her mini mii-family, listening to music and taking pictures.

The 3DSXL plays all the old 2ds games and any new game. It looks great. It's loads of fun. It's portable. If you love Nintendo you'll love the DSXL. My granddaughter loves Donkey Kong almost as much as Nana now. We have a great time playing together and she has fun riding in the car. No matter how long the trip.
I recommend the 3DS xl excitedly and without reservation.

☆Universal Charge Kit:

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