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Monday, February 6, 2017

Twenty-Six Seconds by Alexandra Zapruder *(AudioBook) Repost

 26 Seconds by Alexandra Zapruder *AudioBook (CD)
Twenty-Six Seconds
     A Personal History of The Zapruder Film 
written by Alexandra Zapruder
read by Alexandra Zapruder

Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 978-1-4789-2416-6
13 CD's 14 Hours
Hachette Audio

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The moving, untold family story behind Abraham Zapruder's film footage of the Kennedy assassination and its lasting impact on our world. 

Abraham Zapruder didn't know when he began filming President Kennedy's motorcade on November 22, 1963 that his home movie would change not only his family's life but American culture and history, as well. Now his granddaughter tells the whole story of the Zapruder film for the first time. With the help of personal family records, previously sealed archival sources, and interviews, she traces the film's complex journey through history, considering its impact on her family and the public realms of the media, courts, Federal government, and the arts community. Part biography, part family history, and part historical narrative, Zapruder tells how 26 seconds of film changed a family and raised some of the most important social, cultural, and moral questions of our time.

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Written and narrated by Abraham Zapruder's granddaughter, Alexandra, Twenty-Six Seconds is part biography, part memoir, part historical nonfiction. Her last name was made famous years before she was born and yet she writes with the clear eye of a spectator and the heart of a grandchild. She peels the layers of this story within a story delicately, but with unflinching honesty. With genuine emotion and eloquent dialogue, Alexandra delivers a wholly engrossing listening experience that captivates from the second you press play.

By chance and coincidence, Abraham Zapruder captured on film the most significant event of modern time with his 8mm Bell & Howell camera. His biggest concern was how the film would be handled. He tried to put the responsibilities of ownership with a respected company he believed would act with decency and integrity. After twelve years of dealing with the film and all that goes with it, Life sold it back to the Zapruder Family for one dollar. Where it remained until via arbitration the family sold the one-of-a-kind historical artifact to the government for sixteen million dollars. In 2000 the family donated the last of their photographs, copies of the film and copyrights to the 6th Floor Museum. This ended their legal connection to the assassination but not their personal tumultuous relationship with the film. Like a circle, it is unending. Her grandfather described it this way "a wound that leaves residual pain even after it heals."

The Zapruder film is barely twenty-six seconds and measures six feet in length. The 483 frames have been studied by the greatest minds, as well as, armchair conspiracy theorists. It has been dissected and analyzed for what is shows and what it does not. The Warren Commission relied heavily upon the film as evidence of a lone gunman. Subsequent government inquiries did not concur, citing the high probability Oswald acted as part of a conspiracy. Fifty years later, with all our technology, we are no closer to a definitive answer. Society continues to be shocked and fascinated by the film. It has found an audience in the art world, the entertainment industry and in written publications. The "Zapruder Film" has been woven into the cultural fabric of our nation. It's even found a place in Pop-culture. Slang terms like zaprudered are part of the vernacular. (zaprudered - watching something over and over intently analyzing it.) Now a new generation has instant access via Google and YouTube. The film can be viewed and shared around the world instantaneously with no thought whatsoever of ethics, morals, and exploitation. I dare say, Mr. Zapruder would be heartbroken.

Alexandra writes of her grandfather through a long, loving lens as only a granddaughter could. Her narration is filled with emotion conveyed through authentic voice inflections and expert pacing. Twenty-Six Seconds IS a personal history of the Zapruder Film. Alexandra has delivered a meticulously researched, well-organized novel that is informative, interesting, and entertaining. I enjoyed this book from the first CD to the last. It was often an emotional journey that had me smiling one chapter, near tears the next. I also felt my blood pressure climb more than once when the media attacked Mr. Zapruder for selling the film. I especially enjoyed Alexandra's retelling of the arbitration hearing which was almost comical. The government was unprepared and ill-equipped. They seemed unable (or unwilling) to quantify the film as one would a VanGoh...if there were only one VanGoh that is.

This is nonfiction at its finest! If you are interested in the Kennedy assassination, on any side of this complex historical event --whether you are a staunch supporter of the Warren Report or you find yourself on the outer limit of the most convoluted conspiracy theory will enjoy this book. Highly recommend!

Links of Interest:

Gallery (click each to open new link)

8mm Bell & Howell

National Archives photo of the movie
camera used by Abraham Zapruder
8 mm Bell & Howell Zoomatic
Director Series Model 414 PD

Abraham Zapruder, next to his wife, Lillian Zapruder, poses for a photograph holding his brand-new Bell & Howell 8mm camera soon after he had purchased it in 1962. In 1963, he created a landmark film by using it to film President Kennedy's motorcade parade in downtown Dallas.Used with permission of the Zapruder family
Abraham & Lillian Zapruder (Mr. Zapruder is holding the 8mm Bell & Howell camera)

 Arrival at Love Field
President Kennedy & wife, Jackie smiling, shaking hands with the crowd at Love Field.

 Presidential Motorcade
A smiling President & 1st Lady, with Gov. Connelly seconds before
shots rang out in Dealey Plaza.

 Abraham Zapruder interview with Jay Watson (WFAA-TV)
Abraham Zapruder (right)while awaiting his film to
to be developed, is interviewed by Jay Watson,  ABC news
affiliate WFAA-TV

 Zapruder interview with Jay Watson (continued)
Mr. Zapruder describing the deeply disturbing image of the
assassination to WFAA-TV correspondent Jay Watson.

 Jackie Kennedy leaving Parkland Hospital
Jackie  Kennedy leaving Parkland hospital after the death of her husband,
President John F. Kennedy

 LBJ sworn in aboard Air Force One
Lyndon Johnson sworn in as new President, as a
shaken Jackie Kennedy looks on.

 assassination timeline
click to open timeline

 John F Kennedy Jr. salutes his father's casket
John-John salutes his father's casket & touches the collective hearts of a nation

 Funeral procession
JFK's Funeral procession

 eternal flame viewed at night
John F. Kennedy's Grave, The Eternal Flame at night.

Story Regarding the selection of this particular gravesite.
President Kennedy's brother, Attorney General, Robert Kennedy and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara were shown three potential burial plots at Arlington National Cemetery. They were shown: one near the mast of the USS Maine, one at Dewey Circle, and the third on the slope below Arlington House (Custis-Lee mansion). They agreed the third was the easiest accessed and the most appropriate. But, of course, the final decision was Mrs. Kennedy's. After viewing the three, she agreed and nodded her approval of the site. 
When McNamara and Robert Kennedy returned to the cemetery to oversee the survey of the area, they walked up to Arlington House. The two were talking with Paul Fugua, a Park Service employee and he recounted a story about President Kennedy's visit to Custis-Lee Mansion back on March 3rd. The President was accompanied by Charlie Bartlett and at the end of their visit "the president remarked that the view of Washington, D.C., was so magnificent he could stay forever -- a statement which seemed to confirm their selection of the grave site."

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