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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Isotoner Gloves Review

Isotoner Men's SleekHeat smarTouch Packable Gloves ,  Black,  L/XL

Isotoner Description:
* Powered by polartec alpha provides 26% more heat without added bulk
* Compressible design
* Water repellent
* Smartouch technology (forefinger & thumb)
** instructions: hand wash in cool water. Lay flat, let air dry. Do NOT tumble, iron, or dry clean.

My experience with these Isotoner gloves runs both hot and cold. The first thing, I was taken aback by how "cheap" they look. The nylon exterior looks and sounds like a child's snow suit. Being Isotoner I expected the gloves to have a more refined/attractive appearance. I'm not sure how well the exterior will hold up. But only time will tell if my concerns are well founded. The inside is very warm. Icy palms and fingers were toasty warm in a matter of minutes. We tested them with water- splashing, squirting and direct stream. While water does bead and roll off the exterior, the open wrist makes water resistant a more suitable description than water proof.
The thumb and forefinger are designed to be "smart touch" capable. We tested this on the Laptop, IPad, Kindle and S7. They worked much easier on the larger screens. As the screens got smaller it became more difficult and required multiple touches. (You have to make sure the finger is pulled tight to get the most accurate touch response.) The palms have a leathery like feel to provide grip. But these gloves are so slick I would not suggest using them for driving though. There is plenty of material to cover the wrist area. However, there's no tie or bungee cord tightener so water, snow and cold air goes right inside. (We had to employ the sleeve tuck like we use with my granddaughter when she's playing in the snow.) The gloves are thin, easily rolled up and packed or stuck in your pocket. When we rolled both gloves up together they were similar in size to a pair of socks.

I was disappointed with these gloves. They are definitely not the worst, but far from the best. They are super thin, your hands get warm quickly and they can be packed easily. On the other hand, the smart touch wasn't all that smart, I wouldn't use them for driving and I just didn't like the cheap look and feel of the exterior. I hate to say this, but I would shop around. A quick search results in a lengthy list of choices.

Reviewed by RJ McGill

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