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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monster High Dolls Shriek Wrecked Edition

Monster High Shriekwrecked Nautical Ghouls Lagoona Blue Doll

The Shriek Wrecked dolls are yet another "Monster High" set kids are going ga-ga for!
As far as I can tell There are 8 dolls in the set Gooliope Jellington, Catrine, Clawdeen Wolf, Gil Webber, Lagoona Blue, Draculaura, Rochelle Goyle, Dana Treasure Jones. Of course, there's always special editions, limited editions, specific store editions, etc. So there's always a wide variety of dolls to choose from.

The Shriek Wrecked Dolls are dressed and accessorized in a seagoing, pirate style. It's colorful, eye catching and fits in the with Monster High look perfectly This is Lagoona Blue, daughter of sea monster - her attire is a cross between her sea monster heritage and patch wearing, peg-legged pirates. Her headpiece looks a lot like sea coral. She has star earrings and stars on her shoes. The aqua blue is bright and very pretty. My granddaughter loves Monster High Dolls. She especially likes the heavy makeup and how each one looks so different from the other. All clothing and accessories are removable and interchangeable with other MH dolls. **I will tell you, it's relatively easy to get the clothing and shoes off - it takes a little more patience and often, a lil umph to get them back on. (Of course, the first thing my granddaughter did was start changing their clothes.)

***NOTE** the purse, earrings, headpiece, and shoes are very small and could pose choking hazard. These pieces are also very easily lost.

If you have a MH lover on your gift list - Lagoona Blue is beautiful, addition to their collection. If this Is your first MH doll - you can't go wrong with Lagoona Blue.

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