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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Women's CEB Bible

 The CEB Women's Bible Hardcover

The CEB Women's Bible has a beautiful, deep wine colored board-book style Hardcover with a subtle brick-like design in the background. The title occupies the lower third of the cover and is expressed with two fonts, one script, one print, both in a matte gold color. There's no bright pinks, flowers or extensive lettering as I've seen with other Bibles marketed towards women.The 1650 pages inside are printed on the customary, onion-skin paper found in most Bibles. (I recommend using highlighters/pens that specifically say "for Bible Study." These are less likely to bleed, smear or smudge on the delicate paper. The link below is for the best set I have personally ever used in my Bibles.)

The CEB Women's Bible has several elements to aid in your study. A table of contents for the books of the Bible. An index for the named and unnamed women of the Bible. I spent a great deal of time just looking each up and reading the corresponding scriptures. The articles are indexed both alphabetically and canonically. Three reading plans: a one month Bible overview, New Testament in 90 days, and The Bible in One year.
*Introductions - highlights issues of particular interest to women, introduces the themes, provides background information about culture and history. This section sets the stage for the book to follow.
*Portraits - profiles 100+ women of the Bible (short bio)
*Reflections - a few sentences, printed in red, at the end of each chapter are especially helpful during Bible study. These can be used as part of daily devotions, during group Bible study to encourage group discussion,and during worship services giving members "food for thought."
*Sidebar articles - These articles (located in the pink boxes) explore Bible themes and help the reader see that the Bible is relevant in our present day lives.
Here's an example from the article on Family (page 53) referencing Abraham and Sarah
..."Their story is like our stories today: God works with what is in order to bring about what can be. In others words, God works not only through what is healthy and happy, but also in the midst of the realities of dishonesty, rivalries, and even violence. God moves and stirs and calls and heals imperfect individuals, who make up chaotic, knotty family systems, in order to weave together the people and God."

There's a section of discussion/reflection questions that allow you to dig deeper into Scripture...personalizing passages so that you can apply God's Word to your daily life These could be used for group Bible study, individual Bible study or during daily devotionals. Example: Acts2:1-21 How do you see the role of women playing out in the this Pentecost passage? Does the work of women and men in your congregation live up to this example of balanced leadership?

The CEB has modern English wording may make hard to grasp passages more accessible and easier to relate too for some. However, Changing the wording resorts in subtle, yet important differences in meaning. I found this again and again. Also, the beautiful, poetic prose is gone. Nowhere is this more evident than in the book of Psalm's. Here's the CEB wording of 23rd Psalm.
"The Lord is my shepherd.
I lack nothing.
He lets me rest in grassy meadows;
he keeps me alive.
He guides me in proper paths
for the sake of his good name...."

The CEB is attractive and user-friendly. The way information is organized and indexed makes it easy to find what you are looking for. I've enjoyed reading the CEB Women's Bible and recommend it as a secondary study or supplemental Bible.

EXTRA: These Gel Highlighters are wonderful! They don't bleed, smear or smudge, are comfortable in hand and are very reasonably priced. After being disappointed by several other "Bible Highlighters" that bled through pages and smeared long after use...I love these.

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