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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fall Irmgard, Operation Irmgard by Rand Charles *(Hardcover)

Fall Irmgard Contact Rand Charles

Fall Irmgard, Operation Irmgard
written by Rand Charles

440 Pages

Penurious Publishing

Fall Irmgard Editor's Choice Award



 "Fall Irmgard is like a fine wine or well aged bourbon, it's meant to be sipped and savored slowly."
Wow! Do you enjoy History? Do you like reading historical fiction? You will LIKE Fall Irmgard by Rand Charles.

It's 1941, Paris is teetering ...on the verge of social and economic collapse and even more terrifying, Hitler's army is gathering at the gates. Addie Bridges is less than 24 hours from boarding a plane back to the safety of America when she witnesses her friend Konni Ritter's murder. Major Rolf von Gerz leads the investigation into Konni's murder. By all accounts he was kind, friendly, fun loving and popular with the ladies. The Major puts together a list of possible suspects, including the beautiful American. The very one claiming to be a witness and determined to insert herself into the hunt for her friends killer. Rolf doesn't know for sure if he can trust her. But he does know for sure he has feelings for her.

Whew. Yeah. There's a lot to take in here. This novel is complex, intricately woven, and expertly detailed. (Please do not misinterpret complex as difficult or boring.) The author painted 1940's Paris so vividly it was if he was sharing memories with the reader. The characters are thought out and absolutely believable. I was quickly drawn into their world - I grew to know and care for them. The tempo was consistent and circumstance appropriate. The mystery and budding romance are contradictory in the lives of the characters. However, they compliment each other beautifully for the story. The dialogue often reminded me of the classic style writing of the masters from long ago.

This isn't a one or two sitting read. It took me a long time to finish because like fine wine or aged bourbon, it's meant to be sipped and savored. Fall Irmgard is unique, realistic, and worth every invested minute. Don't miss it!

Happy Reading,

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