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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Samsung R7090 Robo Vacuum

Honestly, I never believed a  "robot" vacuum could actually clean like shown in the advertisements. Well, I was wrong!!

I wanted to know how it worked "real world," and this is how it performed for me.

My granddaughter named the vacuum "Johnson." We unpacked Johnson, plugged him in and started reading the instruction book. We knew that it would take some time for Johnson to map our house. We live in a 1700 Sq Ft, one level. We have hardwood, carpet, and tile. The kitchen, dining, den, and living room are all open into each other with an add mix openings. (All this is important because it explains why it took Johnson awhile to orient himself and map the house.) Immediately I noticed he had a hard time returning "home," to the charging station. I moved the charger across the Den to a place that was more open, whereas before I placed it between furniture (thinking it was best to have it out of the way.) Wow, problem solved. Now, no matter where he is in the house, he can find his way to the charging station.

You can control R7090 with your SmartPhone via Smart Things App, Smart Home or use voice commands with Alexa. I adownloadedthe Samsung Smart Home App to my Android phone, connected the vacuum by simply pressing a button on the remote. Once connected I have not any trouble whatsoever. I can monitor what Johnson is doing, change the scheduled cleaning time, etc.

Johnson comes with a hand held remote that allows you to point and click where you want the vacuum to go. I cannot truly put into words how helpful this option has been for me. I became handicapped 5 years ago and can no longer push a vacuum. Having this option has given me the ability to run the vacuum myself. Being home alone with my granddaughter all day, there's something always being tracked in or spilled on the floor. Now, I just point Johnson to the mess and when it's all cleaned up, I press the "home" button and he returns home. Absolutely awesome!

Samsung POWERbot R7090 Robot Vacuum visionary mapping plus and fullview sensor 2.0

I have 4 cats and a Jack Russell and we've purchased three vacuums said to be for pet households. This robo vacuum outperforms all of them! The edger is wonderful. I don't think the baseboards have been this lean since our last remodel. The vacuum comes with two removable filters.With all the animals, I clean the the dust canister and change the filter each time Johnson completes a scheduled cleaning. I push one button (on the vacuum) to release the canister - empty the contents, clean off and wash the filter - let that one dry for tomorrow's exchange and put the clean filter in. All this takes only a couple of minutes. Unlike our other vacuums, Johnson's brush roller rarely gets tangled. I did leave phone charging cords laing out twice and those got tangled. Johnson simply shut off right where he was and played a "dinging" sounds to alert me there was problem. I released the roller (using thumb sliders on the bottom of the vacuum to release the brush), unrolled the cord, replaced the roller and restarted the vacuum. (I was surprised the cords were not damaged.) Now I make sure small things like some of the dog/cat toys, baby toys, thin rugs, phone cords, et., are out of the way prior to a scheduled run.

                           POWERbotâ„¢ R7090 Robot Vacuum
You may get sticker shock from the 799$ price tag for R7090. It is a significant initial investment, but it is so worth it! If you have reasonable expectations you will love the R7090.

Final word - I love it, I have and will continue to recommend R7090 to friends and family. Samsung made a number of statements and delivered on all of them.  "Johnson" is an attractive, modern, easy to operate robotic vacuum with lots of suction and the ability to map out your home and remember where he left off. I would recommend R7090 to anyone.

Happy Vacuuming!!!


*Requires wireless network and Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things App. The Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things app supports Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or later which is optimized for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). This app also supports iOS 7 or later for iPhone models. Smart Home App available in App Store and Play Store. Amazon Alexa sold separately.

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