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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline (HardCover)

       A Rosato & Dinunzio Novel
by Lisa Scottoline
Hardcover, 338 Pages
ISBN: 978-1250099716
St. Martin's Press

St. Martin's Press

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 "Exposing the legal thriller master's writing for the top shelf, best seller that it is - Exposed brought me back into the Scottoline fold."

Exposed by Lisa ScottolineExposed opens with a heartbreaking plea for help from Simon Pensiera, one of Mary's dear friends from the old neighborhood. Simon explains that he was fired from his position with OpenSpace, a cubicle manufacturer because the company no longer wanted to incur the costs associated with Rachel's leukemia treatment. The 4-year old's skyrocketing medical bills meant increased insurance premiums for OpenSpace. The timing was certainly suspect - just prior to little Rachel's bone marrow transplant. Mary is outraged and promises Simon that she will do whatever it takes.

The feisty, fiercely loyal lawyer with the big heart was nearly knocked off her stilettos when best friend and partner, Bennie Rosato tells her to walk away from the case! Bennie represents Dumbarton, OpenSpace's parent company and sees this a blatant conflict of interest. Mary sees this as a matter of right or wrong and Bennie is absolutely wrong. So the battle lines are drawn. Each digs their heels in for a fight that quickly divides the entire firm. Everyone at Rosato & DiNunzio feels they have to choose a side. It's an internal tug of war that threatens to rip the famous Philadephia firm apart, forever.

...But, this is a Lisa Scottoline novel. . .and I was barely half-way through the book.

 When Simon's boss, Todd (Eddington) is found dead all the evidence points to the disgruntled former employee. Could the identity of the murderer be more obvious? Or maybe someone wants it to appear that way. But who...and why? Mary and Bennie put their legal battle on hold to win the bigger war. Together they start digging into circumstances surrounding Todd Eddington's murder. What started with a straight-forward case of wrongful termination, lit a fire within the firm, evolved into a murder investigation that reunited the sparring partners, but put these headstrong ladies in the killer's sights. 

Most anyone could understand why Simon would want to kill Todd Eddington. Simon was a widower, with a 4-year-old daughter fighting leukemia, that lost his health insurance when he was terminated. With no job, no money, no way to provide for his little girl, yeah I could see the man snapping. However, Lisa Scottoline doesn't write simple, cut and dried stories. The story takes off from there and when I finally realized what was really going on I couldn't believe it!

It has been a while since I read a Lisa Scottoline novel. Exposed reignited my interest in this famous Philadelphia law firm. I remember reading the very first story that introduced Mary DiNunzio to legal thriller readers. Lisa Scottoline burst into a male-dominated genre with "Every Where That Mary Went," and secured herself a spot on the top shelf. If you're a dedicated fan or never read a single Scottoline book, Exposed showcases superb writing, three-dimensional characters and a pace that keeps you in the moment. Emotionally taxing at times, it really tugged at my heart. So I hope no one takes me saying it's an "entertaining read" the wrong way. I was glued right til the last paragraph, and the "little" surprise at the end has me searching for the release date of the next book already!




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St. Martin's Press

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