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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hero Dog by Hylde Lysiak (Hilde Cracks the Case series) *Ages 6+

Hilde Cracks the Case
   Hero Dog
written by Hilde Lysiak
A Branches Book
    published by Scholastic

branches growing readers

review imageIt looks like a reporter's notebook, is filled with 'pencilled in clues," and has sketch-style drawings throughout. The unique appearance alone got my granddaughter's attention. She's only six, so there were some challenging words. However, she was able to sound most of them out without assistance.

This book is the first in a series of titles starring the budding young reporter, Hilde. It isn't Poe or Twain. But it isn't supposed to be. These books are aimed at little ones just taking their first, independent, literary steps -
with a good mix of common, easily recognized and challenging, unique wording. Thus ensuring it's not so simplistic the child is bored, nor so difficult they become completely discouraged and give up. Either of which can have a lasting negative effect on a child's interest and ability to read.

Interesting, age appropriate and affordably priced ... I recommend without reservation. Becoming an independent reader is a big step for little ones. This series is a good start.

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**Written by 10 year old Hilde Lysiak, each book is a fictionalized retelling of an actual story from her very own newspaper. The 'Orange Street News' is a monthly publication covering local stories and community events. Available online and in print, Hilde has thousands of readers. She has even been featured in the Washington Post.

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