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Friday, January 5, 2018

End Game by David Baldacci

End Game
written by David Baldacci 
ISBN: 1455586609
Pages: 416
Grand Central Publishing

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Review:  3.5 ☆'s

Immersive yourself in the highly entertaining world of secret government super assassins. End Game goes for the jugular - turning a small Colorado town popular with fisherman looking to unwind into a gang infested, terrorist breeding ground where asking the wrong question may just be the last one you ever ask.
And here come Robie and Reel, outsiders sent to Grand to search for a top-level C.I.A. operative that has disappeared. Roger Walton a.k.a. The Blue Man, should he be compromised, the repercussions would be felt the world over. It is imperative that he be found.

The C.I.A. wants The Blue Man found and the residents of Grand want Robie, Reel, and everything connected to them gone. This makes for a tension filled read that keeps your ticker revving in overdrive. Robie and Reel play off each other. She's fiesty, sarcastic, and quick to speak her mind. While Robie is strong, sensitve, and totally confused by Reel. (He really needs to pick up a copy of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.") It is obvious, to the reader they have a strong bond and care deeply for each other. Will that lead to a more permanent union? Not if they cant survive this mission.

Terrorists, lone wolf attackers, cults, gangs, neo-nazi groups, and off the grid'ers may sound like a hodge-podge of unrelated nonsense. . .But not usually with Baldacci holding the pen. His novels are well researched. He goes to great lengths to deliver a fictional story rooted in truths. This time he may have over done it for some readers. For example, the weaponary is meticulously detailed. For gun aficionados this will be thoroughly enjoyable. For others it will slow the flow, bogging the story down with unnecessary information.

End Game is kind-of-all-over the place. I have read all the books in this series, as well as, almost every other Baldacci book. He really set the bar high with his other works and some titles have failed to meet reader's expectations. Amid Baldacci's legions of fans, End Game will be praised by some and not by others. As for me, I think it falls in the middle. . .there have been books much better and a few that fell even further. But I really like the series and I will keep reading.

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