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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sketcher's Performance Men's Go Golf Shoes

Sketcher's Performance Men's Go Golf Shoes 
   Size: 10.5     White/Navy

If you are tired of wearing what my daughter lovingly refers to as "old fogie" golf shoes-- Check these out.

These are modern, fashionable, and look like a Sketcher's sneaker. The black and white, featuring the logo is stylish and classy. They will look nice with any type of golf attire. They do seem to run 1/2 smaller, my husband had tried on Sketcher's at the Pro-Shop, so we were aware of this and adjusted by simply going up a 1/2 size. The padding is soft and comfortable, cushioning your feet, without unwanted weight to the shoe. They have good ankle support and a "pull-tab" to assist you in getting them on. (No mashing the heels.) The spikes feel strong on the course, holding you all the way through your swing. These shoes are super light-weight. My husband said it's the lightest golf shoe he's ever worn. After walking the entire 18 holes his feet did not hurt at all (This too was a first.)Plus it started raining the last 5 holes - thank goodness these shoes really are "water proof."

This is an all around an awesome golf shoe and for some styles and sizes a great value too. However, there is a huge swing in price - anywhere from $28 to a whopping $150! So be careful as you make your selection.



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