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Saturday, June 16, 2018

DII 70" Round Table Cloth

DII 70" Round Table Cloth
Chambray Barn Red
Available in 8 colors
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Review: ☆2.5 Stars 70" Round, Barn Red Table Cloth

This TABLE CLOTH is difficult to review - there's my opinion before it was washed and then my opinion after it was washed.

The 70" table cloth looks great on our round, breakfast table. This color "Chambray Barn Red" - has a white weft and a red warp weave, producing a mottled appearance.
It looks like faded barn is a pinky-red. It has the appearance of a well worn, washed a lot table cloth.
The cotton is soft to the touch and flows nicely across the sides. A quick once over with the iron - the pleats give a more "put together" look. The seams are consistent, tight and unflawed.

To see if this cloth faded, I washed it with a white bath towel, in cold water, using the "quick delicates" cycle. It did not fade. However, it did shrink. Being cotton I anticipated some shrinkage - But not this amount. The 70" round cloth, after being laundered one time, barely covers our table. It most definitely has to be ironed and the hem is the worst area of wrinkling.

The description says good for holidays - Me, personally, I would not use this table covering for Christmas. It is NOT a Christmas "red," so it would clash with all our decorations. Those who decorate with the beatiful, country Christmas or old-timey St. Nicholas themes - this Chambray Barn Red would look great!

This table cloth is good for every day use and casual get togethers. But Make sure to order a larger size in anticipation of the shrinkage and keep your iron handy. While it looks nice upon arrival, maintaining that look is more work than most want to invest. This comes down to how do you define "easy care?" 

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**I put the table cloth in the dryer on "fluff" with a dryer sheet for 7 minutes. I then ironed the cloth using the "cotton" setting on medium heat in order to get the "pleated look."

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