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Monday, June 4, 2018

Natura Bisse "Cure Sheer Eye" (Product Review)

 Natura Bisse
 Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Eye, 0.5 OzFull Size
Price: $128.00
ASIN: B004S34N7G
Item Model #:

Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Eye, 0.5 Oz

I received a SAMPLE tube of this product. I have learned from years of trying 'youth in a bottle' not to get terribly excited. I am 47, was a sun-lover, and battle under eye poofy'ness, or tired eye - by any name the problem is the same.

As is easily discernable from the attached photos this product does NOT dispense, nor go on "sheer." Application requires practice. It is a thin consistency that has to be messaged in. However, work quickly, because touching an already dry area causes a cakey look. (Using a timer, it averaged 6-8 seconds to fully dry.) It is VERY luminous - giving that 'light reflecting' effect under your eye. This will not replace your concealer and I highly recommend using your daily moisturizer to avoid the cakey-look. Also, ladies may notice mascara that flakes during the day sticks under your eye much worse when using Cure Sheer.

I stopped my under eye regiment and used the Cure Sheer exclusively for the past 13 days. (Until the tube was empty.) Yes, I think the delicate under eye area was soft, appeared a bit less poofy...had a more refreshed look. The longer I used it, the more adept I became with getting it on without touching drying areas. But I, personally get better results with a competitor's, slightly less expensive product. This is a fine example of higher price does not necessarily mean better, higher quality product.

In my opinion there are better products that do require such a pricey investment. I strongly suggest purchasing a sample size to see if Cure Sheer provides what you are looking for.

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**NOTE: Because I received a sample size I cannot provide a complete experience review. Information on the performance of the bottle is of the upmost importance and I suggest you read other reviews that include that information.

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