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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Woodstock 1969 by Jason Laure'


Woodstock 1969
   The Lasting Impact of the Counter Culture

152 Pages
Skyhorse Publishing


I received a paperback ARC with black & white photos. There are grammatical and editorial errors throughout which I feel sure will be properly corrected in the published edition. Therefore these did not have any bearing on my opinion.

From the title and description of this book, I expected to receive a "coffee table" worthy book, where the photos are the star and the narrative tells of events leading up to and ending at Woodstock. Followed by a hefty chunk about the "lasting effects" of the counterculture. Instead it's a disorganized hop-scotch thru history, seeming to randomly include and omit information. (Like including Tina Turners abusive marriage and omitting The Manson Family murders...What?) The lack contextual flow left me confused at times. For example: speaking of heros being gone, never having identified who he was referencing, and searching for the pictures I was reading about. In one instance the description and photo were 3 pages apart.

There are a lot of opinions crammed into the narrative - like feminism, individualism, Viet Nam, communes, protesting, riots, etc. But they are not given the space necessary for such topics. From the tragedies of the early 60's, 67's Summer of Love, all the way through the iconic gathering of some 400,000 people on Max Yasgur's dairy farm. All has had a lasting effect on our culture. I expected to read about that here. Sadly, it was basic info that fails to deliver a meaningful walk through an era that's unforgettable. . . Even for those of us who weren't even born yet.

If you love everything Woodstock, I would add this book (in hardback) to my collection. If for no other reason than these are actual photos snapped by Jason Laure nearly 50 years ago!. If you're not ga-ga over this event I would wait for a sale or check it out from local library first.

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Pictures from the book
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