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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker (*Hardcopy)


The Fifth To Die
  by J.D. Barker

ISBN: 0544973976
ISBN13: 978-0544973978 

Pages 544

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"J.D. Barker is building a reading experience, not simply writing books."

My Review:
Real quick. Here's the teaser- how is a girl, missing for three weeks get discovered beneath the surface of waters frozen over months prior? If that isn't enough to stump the police, the perpetrator has gone one step further. Ella Reynold's is found wearing the clothing of Lili Davies. Davies was just reported missing two days ago? Both are found in fresh water, but testing reveals they were drowned in salt water. What? That will have the FBI chasing their tails for a while. Has The Fourth Monkey Killer resurfaced with new M.O.? Is there another killer on the loose in Chicago?

Shweeehhh! If you love finding a book that has that "X-factor, IT-factor," or whatever you call it when a writer takes well-worn subject matter and transforms it into something new. . . something difficult to describe. . . This series is for you. Some may say The Fifth To Die can be read as a stand-alone and maybe it can - IF the reader doesn't mind missing out on half the story.
 I wanted the full story. So I got a copy of The Fourth Monkey, devoured it, then started again. Shweeeehh!

In T4M Barker laid the foundation and began constructing a new way to read suspense/thrillers. T5TD picks up about four months after T4M. Those looking for a fast, light, one-sit read will not find it here. Barker is building a reading experience, not simply writing books. The world he is creating inside these novels envelops the reader. Gritty, disturbing, and unapologetic - Barker's style is in your face, gets in your head, and leaves you stunned, shocked, and wanting more. The characters are well written and three dimensional. Even the supporting cast has been thought-out and deeply drawn.  The Fourth Monkey (4MK Thriller, #1)Each character has a distinct, easily relatable voice. Barker's use of third person insights propels the story forward, helping us make the connections. With each passing chapter, the tension builds to the point of near hysteria. I was about to pull my own hair out. And it was awesome! You want to know. You need to know. But Barker is not ready for you to know. This book is a bit slower because it's more psychological than high-octane action. Don't let that deter you. If there's such a thing as high-octane psychology this story is a really, really good example. If there's not such a thing, Barker has invented it. 

These books are five-hundred-page parts of a big story.  There's nothing quite like it on the shelf. Unfolding like an enigma wrapped in a mystery, sealed inside a coffin, buried within a hidden tomb. . . only dedicated readers who follow this story from page one to wherever Barker takes us will unearth the truth. I cannot wait for book three.

Happy Reading,

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