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Monday, February 4, 2019

Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh! By Wiley Blevins *(NetGalley, One Elm Books)

Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh!

Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh!
written by Wiley Blevins
illustrated by Marta Kissi
160 Pages
published by One Elm Books
      an imprint of Red Chair Press
September 1, 2019

ISBN 10: 1947159062
ISBN 13: 978-1947159068
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My Review:

4.0-4.25 Stars read with an adult, 
2.5-2.75 Stars read alone

Trevor Lee is a third-grader trapped in a three-letter world. He has managed to keep his secret from, peers, and even teachers are seemingly unaware he is struggling to read. But when his teacher announces that all students have to get up on stage and read out loud during Parent's Night Trevor knows his secret will be out.

Oh my goodness! What was he going to do? He and his best friend Pinky, try to get him out of it. Sneaky, not so sneaky, one by one their ideas fail. Now with his secret hanging over him like the anvil about to crush poor Coyote's head in the classic cartoon. He thinks of his beloved Grandmother's words. "Some days are just bad. You gotta hold your head high and keep moving, " 

Cute without being cutesy and laugh out loud humourous at times. Wiley Blevins' story is populated by realistic characters 7-10-year-old girls and boys can readily identify with and easily relate too. Many children struggle with basic reading skills. It is important to emphasize everyone learns at their own pace and it's okay to be on a different level than your friends. However, we do not want to encourage kids to put forth so much effort to avoid learning. I think Trevor Lee and The Big Uh Oh should be read for the first time with an adult. Because it is important kids get the right message. 

Note: I read the book. Then read it with my seven-year-old granddaughter. When finished I asked her what she thought. She immediately asked, "Nana, why couldn't Trevor read? Why didn't his teacher know he couldn't read? Didn't his family read with him every day like we do?" She also thought this would be a good book for her class to read together. Sharing this book with her provided me with an opportunity to discuss responsibility, keeping secrets,  asking for help, and the importance of practicing. (Why her Nana always says "practice, practice, practice -- to get better at anything we have to practice!")

Happy Reading,

Trevor Lee
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If there's one thing everyone knows, it's that Trevor Lee and school don't mix. Like pickles and peanut butter. When his new teacher announces everyone must read on-stage in front of everyone at Parents Night, Trevor Lee and his best friend Pinky take action before his secret of not being able to read gets out. After several over-the-top attempts at getting out of Parents Night, Trevor Lee enlists the help of his Mamaw. "Some days are just bad. You gotta hold your head high and keep moving," she always says. Can Trevor Lee remember her advice as he stands in front of a crowd on the school's biggest night?

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