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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (*NetGalley)

Anne of Green Gables (#1 Anne of Green Gables: The Complete Collection)

Anne of Green Gables
written by L.M. Montgomery
Pages 384
ISBN 10:  1782264434
ISBN 13:  978-1782264439
from Sweet Cherry Publishing
September 6, 2018

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My Review:

You may have watched the movie, the 2-night special, or the latest adaptation on Netflix - but you haven't truly experienced Anne of Green Gables until you read the books. I read them as a pre-teen and have re-read them many times. Published well over a hundred years ago the narrative reads a tad clunky and dated at times. But I am not saying that is a bad thing. In a world filled techno-gadgets, vampires, and witches, where something is blown-up or killed every three-seconds-- it was nice to have a stress-free, relaxing reading experience. 

Anne is an 11-year-old orphan longing for a home to call her own. Despite her tender age, she has already known heartbreak. It was how she chose to handle it that resonates with me to this day. Anne looked for the good in everyone and everything. With her boundless imagination if she couldn't find it -- she simply created it. She had a light within her that refused to be dimmed. This is a timeless classic I cannot wait to share with my granddaughter. if you have never read this book or if it has been a while -- sneak off to your favorite, comfy spot and reconnect with a simpler time.

Happy Reading,


from Sweet Cherry Publishing - Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Her name isn’t Cordelia, her hair isn’t black, and she has no parents. These are the tragical facts of Anne Shirley’s life until she comes to Green Gables and faces another: she’s a girl. 

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted a boy to help with the farm work but of all the things Anne can imagine, leaving Green Gables isn’t one of them. She’ll do anything to stay – talk less, pay more attention, control her temper. At least she’ll try to.

Part of the Anne of Green Gables Complete Collection by L. M. Montgomery. A tale of literature’s most famous redhead and her colourful imagination. An excellent introduction to classic literature and perfect for readers aged 9+.
sweet cherry publishing   https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/143626/

Anne "with an e"
(books 1-8)
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Anne of Avonlea
  • Anne of the Island
  • Anne of Windy Poplars
  • Anne's House of Dreams
  • Anne of Ingleside
  • Rainbow Valley
  • Rilla of Ingleside

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