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Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Missing Barbegazi by H.S. Norup *(NetGalley)

The Missing Barbegazi
The Missing Barbegazi
by H.S. Norup
ISBN 10: 178691812
ISBN 13: 978-1782691815
Jolly Fish Press
 North Star

My Review:

This is a magical, imaginative, and fun, fast read for middle graders. The story focuses on a young girl named Tessa and an old tale her Grandfather (Opa in Switzerland, Germany) told her. She was very close to him and was struggling to deal with his death. So she was determined to find the gnome-like creatures called Barbegazi that once saved her beloved Grandfather's life.

Thus begins the snowy adventure in search of the berry-loving snow-dwellers. We follow the two main character's plot-lines, building tension and anticipation -- eager for Tessa and the young male Barbegazi, Gawain's paths to intersect. The story moved forward nicely until we get stuck inside Tessa's head -- in her thoughts. .  . this bogs down the plot's progression. I found these sections boring and often felt the urge to skip them entirely.

Middle-schooler's will enjoy this tale of trust, friendship, and self-discovery. They can understand Tessa's feelings towards her Grandfather (Opa) and the importance of his role in her life.
The combination of centuries-old creatures popularized in mythological folk-lore and Norup's imagination is a one, two knock-out! She has delivered a new, entertaining (and hopefully long-running) cast of characters. I look forward to the author's future works -- as she hones her craft and develops her own unique flair.

Happy Reading,

RJ :-)

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The Missing BarbegaziTessa has heard her grandfather’s stories about the fabled barbegazi since she was little. Now, after his death, she’s determined to see the gnome-like creatures for herself and prove her grandfather wasn’t just a confused old man.

When Tessa discovers Gawion, a young male barbegazi, she’s overjoyed. She can finally show everyone that her grandfather was telling the truth. But Gawion needs her help. His sister is missing and may have been captured by humans. As the two form a friendship, Tessa realizes that uncovering the truth about the barbegazi carries great responsibilities—and sometimes things have to remain a secret.

Thank you to NetGalley and Jolly Fish Press for the opportunity to read this book.

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