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Friday, March 22, 2019

While You Sleep by Stephanie Merritt *(NetGalley)

 While You Sleep
While You Sleep
by Stephanie Merritt
Pegasus Books
Kindle Edition
March 2019

My Review:

I was anxious to read While You Sleep. The creative and inviting cover art had just enough spookiness to grab my attention. The author laid the foundation with the mysterious deaths a century ago. Then upped-the-ante by adding the recent disappearance of a boy acting on a dare. This could have been one-heck-of-a good read. The writing is solid and stylish. But I found it impossible to connect with Merritt's lead character, Zoe. She was self-centered and utterly self-absorbed. It was frustrating and served as a significant distraction from the central narrative.

Then I got to the "Fifty Shades" of what the hell is that doing here? That level of erotica was unnecessary. IMO it felt like a desperate attempt to shock and re-engage the reader, thus luring us to the ending. Unfortunately, I couldn't connect, didn't like, and was often (very often) frustrated with the main character. . .and "Grey" just isn't my cup of tea.

Happy Reading,

Thank you to Pegasus Books and NetGalley for providing a courtesy copy of While You Sleep by Stephanie Merritt in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Live, Laugh, Love -- and Read!

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